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🚧"Everybody Stay Calm"🚧
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My friend Joe is a budding soloist and conductor. He plays violin and is working his way up “the ranks” in the world of soloing, although he’s largely undiscovered. He's had great opportunities to work with orchestras in his region both as a soloist and as a guest conductor. He also teaches at a few different local colleges.
The other day I see Joe…
Joe: “Tracy, I don’t have a day off until Thanksgiving. After that starts a run of Christmas shows. I’m exhausted.”
Me: “So you can say no to some of it. Give yourself a break if you want."
Joe: “Yeah but if I do that, word will get around that I’m saying no and it will all dry up.”
Me: "I'm curious. What do you REALLY want to be doing?"
Joe: “Well I'd love to create my own show and do a tour. But I don't have time."
I have another friend, Sally. Sally plays flute in the busy freelance scene of New York.
Sally calls me on the phone…
Sally: “Oh my God, Tracy. I'm SO TIRED. The only days off I have in the next two months are Thanksgiving and the day right before it. UGH."
Me: “Why did you say yes to so many things?”
Sally: “If I say no to ANYTHING, I might not get called anymore. I have to say yes to every single thing or other people will take my work. And then I won’t be called at all. I can't risk that."
Me: "Let's say you didn't have all that work. What would you want to be doing?"
Sally: "Oh you know the answer to that. Alexander Technique workshops to help musicians work through pain and massively improve their playing by using their bodies properly. You know that's my thing."
Chances are good you can relate to these two practically identical scenarios.
Both of these people are doing Plan B. They HAVE a Plan A. They know what it is. And they're doing Plan B.
Why? Because money. Keeping the bills paid.
I'll let you in on a little secret…
Plan A will pay the bills the day you decide Plan A will pay the bills. And not a minute sooner.
What an awesome experience it was to hear #blackviolin live! These guys are so talented. The blend of hip-hop, pop, rock, and classical is so cool. From the violin, viola, dj to drummer.. it was perfect. The band held a concert earlier in the day for young students and had them close out the show on stage with them. It was amazing to watch. They sold out even on a Tuesday night!. #blackviolin #djsps #natstokes #drummer #violin #viola #positivevibes #positivemessage

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