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User Image ignivomous Posted: Jan 19, 2018 5:21 AM (UTC)

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#rem | Murmur #lp | I.R.S. Records 1983 | I think R.E.M. is a great band, but to me their first two offerings are their best work. this is their debut #studioalbum, an opaque, mesmerizing masterpiece of understated #janglepop #alternativerock. ended up being @rollingstone’s best album of #1983, apparently shocking everyone, not least the band. the third track, “Laughing,” is moody #pop perfection ✨ | #vinyladdict #vinylporn #vinylcollector #vinylcollection #vinylcommunity #myrecordcollection #nowspinning #igvinylcommunity #igvinylclub #vinyloftheday #igvinyl #vinylig #vinyligclub #vinyligcommunity #vinylgram #vinylrecord #vinyl #recordjunkie #80smusic #rock #michaelstipe
User Image hapahybrid Posted: Jan 19, 2018 4:06 AM (UTC)

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User Image crankbuttonvinyl Posted: Jan 19, 2018 3:31 AM (UTC)

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/Roxy Music//Siren/

Anyone else crack up when Bryan Ferry says "I'm just another crazy guy" on "Just Another High?" No? Maybe? Well I sure as well hope I'm not alone. And not that I'm dissing the song, in fact it's probably one of my favourite Roxy Music songs ever! It's a beautiful emotional and cheesy ballad that only Roxy Music could pull off. Also it's the final track of what was almost their final album?! What an appropriate finale for a band like Roxy Music to go out on! Hell this entire album would be a high note for a band like this to go out on. I mean we all know they come back like four years later and drop some albums that I'm not really a fan of besides Avalon. I love Avalon still not my fav by them though. "Siren" is the fifth studio album by this legendary glam group and it's easily one of my favourites. Not only is that finale absolutely incredible but it starts with thrills in the form of "Love is the Drug" which is an absolute banger of a single. Seriously I have it stuck in my head just thinking about it. It's a party in a track hosted by Bryan Ferry's fantastically warbly vocals that just ooze with lounge lizard charisma. And when those vocals are paired with the kind of bombastic glam filled art rock music Roxy Music creates pure magic happens! However this thing doesn't just start and finish with a bang! No no no no no this things tracks absolutely kill it from the emotive sing along slower tunes a la "Sentimental Fool" and "Could it Happen to Me?" to funky standouts like "She Sells" or the energetic "Whirlwind" there's something unique and exciting around every corner here! Are you looking to party? Have a goofy karaoke night? Or just dance the night away? Put this thing on. You won't regret it! 🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃
User Image bradtollman Posted: Jan 19, 2018 3:08 AM (UTC)

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Going thru my 7"s like I usually don't.. but I've been craving them weirdly? I bought the most of them during my #emo phase, so a lot of @topshelfrecords stuff! @eeiwale record on the platter tonight. I bought an Orange pressing that had come warped, so when the following pressing was made the lads at Topshelf sent me a replacement AND a bonus one! "So we FINALLY got these records in. Thanks for waiting so long for them. Here are both new variants. You definitely deserve the reward for being so patient ❤️" meant a lot to me at the time fellas. Still does 😘
#emo #twinkledaddies #eeiwale #empireempireiwasalonelyestate #indierock #vinyl #vinylporn #instavinyl #vinyligclub #vinylig #seveninchvinyl
User Image robtuazon Posted: Jan 19, 2018 1:37 AM (UTC)
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Early birthday gift all the way from Canada from my brother, @rayontee!

Love you bro! Thank you! 🙏
#mattcameron #cavedweller #lifebeginsatforty
User Image billfasano Posted: Jan 19, 2018 1:37 AM (UTC)

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Evening grooves in the spirit of folk and freedom. Miriam Makeba - The Many Voices of Miriam Makeba (Kapp, 1962) #NowPlaying .
#MiriamMakeba #HughMasekela #RalphMacDonald #vinylphotography #vinyljunkie #vinylig #vinylcollection #60svinyl #vintagevinyl

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