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談起波爾多右岸的St Émilion,盡是滄海桑田。從早期古羅馬的佔領、十字軍東征、英倫殖民管治... 戰亂跟不斷的分、合經歷漸漸變成歷史的沈殿 - 有如人生,種種起落皆要逆來順受。站在這老城之巔的是史載古羅馬政治家/ 詩人Ausonis建立的葡萄園,聳立於日照面向東南方的石灰層山岥上,眼目St Émilion的無數春夏秋冬,仍然是當地的王者。
Outstanding vintage 1982酒體豐滿且帶多層次,喝下去卻感覺輕盈 - 形容的話是法文中的étoffé,意謂像女士衣料般的細滑、圓潤; 香氣帶碎石、礦物和裝得滿滿的松木製雪茄盒; 口感是成熟的紅及黒莓、甘草、vanilla mocha和野松露結合成誘人的sous-bois風土口味。畫面是身處St Émilion的中古小城俯瞰風景全貌,深深感受著老石頭跟自然森林的氣息。
Chateau Ausone 1982, St Émilion 1er Grand Cru Classé A, Bordeaux (RP rating: 90-95)

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Happy 45th anniversary to my loving parents, despite current struggles, we get to enjoy this 35 year old Dom Pèrignon that was given to my Dad as a gift 20 years ago. It tastes like an aged barley wine, with cognac or Madeira flavors but lighter body and flavor, still has some carb. Didn't know what to expect but definitely special. Fresh @oudbeersel #gueuze to compare and refresh. #champagne #belgianbeer #lambic @domperignonofficial #domparignon #vintage1982
Birthday party, 90's style. Thank you to those that came out to help Gerald & I celebrate at the hottest party of the summer (literally)...🎶"Yes, we were takin' it back to the old school, cause we're old fools, who's so cool, our kids wanted to get down, so we showed them the way, whoomp, there it is! Lemme hear ya say. Whoomp, shaka-laka-shaka-laka-shaka-laka-shaka." 🎶 #90sbirthdaybash #vintage1982 #hotsummernights
This #pristine #leovillelascases #vintage1982 was #regal #1982bordeaux #bordeaux #legend #ilovebordeaux #bordeauxlove I expected more muscle but this wine was about the broad spectrum of complex flavors that make transitions seamlessly. It was like a #lionking which does not have to prove anything. The lion still has the #beautiful claws of tannin. #wow
Here is a note from Parker (founder of @wine_advocate) himself from March 18th 1983, predicting that 1982 will be a great vintage for Medoc wines and Chateau #greysac.
An exciting piece of wine history! Robert Parker started building his legacy when he predicted the greatness of 1982 before anybody else. He came inMarch 1983 to taste the primeur 1982 when all other wine journalists would then come in September. The earlier on-primeur as well as the 100 point rating structure will quickly become a game changer.
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A weekend of was the battle between Left (Margaux) and Right bank (St Emilion) for the fabulous 1982 vintage - Chateau Margaux vs Chateau Canon. 👉🏻The Canon: the cork was perfect (phew)...decanted it for about an hour and a half and it showed plenty of sweet fruits, stewed plums, figs and a mild tinge of tomato leaves weaved into a savoury end. Soft, lovely and sweet - definitely feeling the Merlot there. 👈🏻The Margaux: the cork was in a dismal condition (I was devastated and nervous about the wine's condition) but after decanting it for 2 hours or so...Wow! Still plenty of power, acidity and tannins after being trapped for 35 years. I can still taste primary notes of blackberries and the acidity kept it vibrant and fresh. The length is long - weaves from classic tomato leaves, forest floors, bit of leather and lingers with dark berries, stewed fruits and cassis. Kept on getting better over the course of the afternoon. Could go for a couple more years although I might be risking it with this particular bottle given the condition of the cork. So elegant, refined and complex (how I strive to be in life, really 😉) - I'm in love!
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