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Did you know that a cup of #coffee contains more anti-oxidants than a cup of grape juice, blueberry juice, and raspberry juice combined?

At @VieturaBali - Artisan of Anti Aging we offer similar health benefits with our Drip Nutrition IV Gluta White, consists of anti-oxidants which are made up of a combination of essential amino acids which provide great benefits for your #skin.
Indulge amidst the sophisticated #beachfront getaway, whilst pampering your wellbeing with exclusive aesthetic procedures, integrative medicine and #lifestyle coaching.

Discover your courage, find your pride and unleash your confidence at @VieturaBali.
At @VieturaBali we believe that #wellness is about finding the best natural solutions, applying those solutions with non-invasive techniques and being inspired with the results, to ensure that you enjoy a perfectly #healthy and balanced life.
Adhere to our Platelet Rich Plasma treatment program; a 1.5 hour face #treatment to ease the years by going right to the cellular level to stimulate the body’s own healing processes to smooth wrinkled and aged #skin @VieturaBali.
Preserve a #healthy and productive #lifestyle with routine exercise, a positive state of mind and regular visits to @VieturaBali.

Your life deserves to be amazing!
User Image sherbonsss Posted: Nov 18, 2017 1:19 PM (UTC)
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At @vieturabali we use #natural gels, serums, and tonics to provide you the finest result, enriching your #skin cells structure.
Conveniently situated within the luxurious Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort, the five-star Vietura Artisan of Anti-Aging medical spa is open daily from 10AM - 8PM to provide a suite of aesthetic services, including skin health and intensive routines, signature natural facelifts, weight management, acne and cellulite therapies and skin-pigmentation treatments. - See more at
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Don’t wish for a good body, work for it. How? Come to @sofitelnusadua for a beach #personaltraining session and finish your day with a #fatelimination treatment in @Vieturabali.
Obtain a rejuvenated and glowing face by experiencing our #facialskinspa treatment, for a total cleansed skin from comedones, milia, whiteheqads, backheads…
This week celebrate in @Vieturabali with our #Novemberpromotions. We offer a 50% discount in anti-aging natural treatments for the both of you. Make your appointment in the link of bio!
Celebrate the #Halloweenweek in @Vieturabali with a 50% of Discount in our Happy Hours in our selected treatments. Just for one week! Are you going to miss it? Call and make your reservation at: +62 361 849 2988 or email at
User Image vieturabali Posted: Oct 29, 2017 11:33 AM (UTC)
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With @Vieturabali you will be able to obtain the best fitness results thanks to our #detoxification and #fatelmination treatments.