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There are wild horses everywhere. And by everywhere, I mean in the middle of the road, in our driveway, in the yard of a restaurant, on the beach - everywhere. And it's amazing. #vacation #puertorico #wildhorses #vieques
Smiles in the midst of chaos. #Vieques people are resilient and hard working. Thanks to @thomdenton for this pic! Seems we can't catch a break! Now torrencial rainfall is flooding the streets. #prselevanta #prstrong #viequesstrong
Hey there, Tuesday with Toomey Supporters!

Are you ready for our workshop on Trouble in Paradise on Tuesday, October 15 at 12:20pm at Senator Toomey's 200 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia (and simultaneously livestreamed on Facebook and Twitter)? GOAL: Raise awareness and motivate action to resolve grave situations in highlighted countries and territories in the Caribbean, including Haiti, Antigua & Barbuda, Cuba, and Puerto Rico.

#tuesdayswithtoomey #philadelphia #philly #twt #pennsylvania #realpa #resist @senpattoomey #pattoomey #protest #pittsburgh #harrisburg #allentown #wilkesbarre #johnstown #haiti #ayiti #antigua #barbuda #cuba #puertorico #vieques
Bella mi bandera y bellos mis atardeceres en Vieques. Bandera pintada por este servidor @dfernandezcine y @yeisha_quinones
These are the surroundings that many children play in after the Hurricane. There isn't much to do here, but kids always find the bright side to lift their moral up. We'll continue to spread love all over the Island and make sure these kids get the right medical attention.

Photography by my cousin: @carmelovarela

At El Fortin with communication teams to get internet and radio #Vieques back up and running. The flowers are blooming with all the rain but it is hindering satellite and transmitter alignments. #whateverpr
This December is my Mom's 60th birthday (she's gonna kill me later). We have not seen each other for over three years. I live in Puerto Rico and we have been devastated by 2 hurricanes. Before being hit by Irma, then Maria, I had dreams of trying to bring my Mom to visit me in Vieques for her birthday. I don't think she's been on a vacation since 2009. After the storm she spent 8 days not knowing if I was alive, then finally saw me sobbing to @billweircnn on @cnn which was a relief but also heartbreaking to see your kid going through such a hard time.
She lives paycheck to paycheck and my small savings account has been wiped out after stocking up for and surviving Hurricane Maria, and not working for almost 2 months.
My boyfriends family has kindly fronted us money to fly back to his hometown in Florida for a few weeks as a break from the severe conditions we are dealing with in the aftermath of the storm here in Puerto Rico. I would love nothing more than to bring my Mom to Florida so we can spend Thanksgiving together. I've set up a @youcaring fund in hopes of reuniting with my Mom this holiday season. There is a link in my bio.
Any money I raise here will be used to buy her a plane ticket, give her gas money for the 3 hour drive to the closest airport from her home, and a hotel room and rental car in Florida. The only option I have to make this a reality is to ask for help.
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onesica 13h ago
#TeamPuertoRico at #ocrworldchampionships I was fortunate to be able to talk to some people from the team. Amazing that they made it to Canada to race, to have something positive to focus on. They have so much more work to do at home. One team mate was telling me, that some towns are so damaged that getting supplies to them is almost impossible because roads a literally gone. There is new disease from the standing water that has dead animals and sewerage in it. People are getting sick and dying because they can't get to hospitals or the hospitals are not equipped. Families are burying their dead in their back yards. Humbling to talk to them. We have third world conditions in a territory of the United States... that needs to change.
#OCR #ocrworldchampionships #teampr #teampur #SPAHTENS #NESPAHTENS #puertorico #vieques

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