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User Image peaceofmyownmaking Posted: Mar 22, 2018 3:56 PM (UTC)

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On-site today from 11am-4pm! Are you feeling stuck, life not going the way you want, unable to move forward, repeating old patterns and ready to let them go? I can help! @simplyherban #peaceofmyownmaking #energetichealing #vibrationalhealing #shaman #healer #energyhealer #shamanichealing #Reiki #akashicrecords #pastliferegression #crystalempowerment #destinyretrieval #sharethis
User Image kotokolotar Posted: Mar 22, 2018 3:27 PM (UTC)

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These lovely healing boxes are finally ready! For purifying your body, mind and soul and to give strenght for reborn You ♡ I have put so much energy, time and effort on these and I'm so happy to release them into their loving homes! They include celenite egg, raw spectrolite, clear quartz, herbal foot bath salt, face oil (with argan oil, almond oil, walnut oil, jojoba oil, herbs, etheric oils and small clear quartz), juniper incense stick, postcard and little amulet with juniper berry, catkin, common yarrow and quartz. All in hand painted wooden boxes with a letter in which I have written about the products and healing energies of these beauties ♡
Näitä ihania 'Enkelin Siipi' -hoivalaatikoita on vain viisi kappaletta ja jos tahdot lisätietoja tai yhden itsellesi, laitahan viestiä mulle. 😊 Muutoin ne lähtevät mukaani myyjäisiin lauantaina ♡

#healingbox #selfcare #naturalmedicine #healingcrystals #vibrationalhealing #faceoil #footbathsalt #plantmagic #juniper #purification #strenght #rebirth #parantavatkivet #kasvoöljy #jalkakylpysuola #kataja #itsehoito #yrttilääkintä #yrtit #kotikosmetiikka #uudestisyntynyt
User Image valerieoula Posted: Mar 22, 2018 3:21 PM (UTC)
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It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year: mercury retrograde! 👀 um ok maybe not, but instead of dreading this time, let’s tune into the energy and use it to our advantage. 💫 .
Tap into this retrograde to re-anything...reset, renew, relax, refresh, revisit, redo, take care of unfinished projects, wrap up loose ends or like me relaunch your website which seems dicey since mercury retrograde can be about miscommunication and technology slow down but I started a few days ago to also be in the new moon/equinox energy as well.🌱 .
Anyway this is just to say, flow with this energy and work with it✨and if you want to see me make squirmy faces and hand gestures, I’ll be on @refinery29 FB Live tonight 10pm EST with @mndfl teaching mantra meditation...and since there’s no music allowed on FB live, I’ll be chanting out loud by myself on camera 🤣 join me 🙏🏼 (📷 @neildastolfo )
#mercuryretrograde #mantra #meditation #kundalinimeditation #vibrationalhealing #vibrationalmedicine #facebooklive #squirmyface
User Image honestherbapothecary Posted: Mar 22, 2018 2:00 PM (UTC)

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C R T S T A L 🌟 G R I D S
I feel like I don’t talk enough about crystals and i really don’t know how that happened because I LOVE crystals, they are my favorite healing assistant. Crystal grids use vibrational energy of the stones and when mixed together correctly can harness amazing energy. In this crystal grid I used rhinoclavis shell 🐚 for the wisdom of ancient mythical arts and a very long standing connection to spirit, moonstone in the middle to enhance intuition, and amethyst to help open spiritual and psychic centers. After the grid is set up using an affirmation to activate the stone grid, this action can help you attract or rid yourself of energetic patters. It’s the perfect addition to your meditation or any spiritual practice. Let me know your favorite crystal or crystal grid🌀 ••
#crystals #crystalgrids #cryatslhealing #rochesterny #healing #vibrationalhealing #vibration #chakrahealing #crystalsheal #healyourself #selfknowledge #knowledgeispower
User Image gobind_singh_yoga Posted: Mar 22, 2018 1:45 PM (UTC)

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@theragun Love on my traps! This hand held vibration therapy tool has become an everyday part of my practice. Both before and after physical work. It has also become a part of my bodywork and massage practice. I offer it in conjunction with my Thai bodywork sessions or as a solo session. We can cover every major muscle group in the entire body within 45 minutes. Take a look at what it’s doing in slow-mo. Now imagine that on your glutes, low back, hamstrings and many more juicy spots! DM me for pricing and to schedule a session. Sat Nam 🙏🏼 #theragun #theragung2pro #vibrationalhealing #vibration #vibrationalmedicine #vibrationtherapy #breathe #breathedeep #recovery #musclerecovery #meditate
User Image esencias_patagonia Posted: Mar 22, 2018 1:17 PM (UTC)

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¡¡Están pasando tantas cosas esta semana en Esencias Patagonia!! Trabajamos con todo el equipo y ayudantes 💁🏻‍♀️para regalarte una mejor experiencia cada día ✨🌎🌏❣️
🇬🇧 So many thing happening at Esencias Patagonia this days!! We re preparing for the #bfvea annual gathering this weekend 😍 and many other surprises 💧🌷💎🕊💚
#vibrationalhealing #vibrationalessences #healing #terpiafloral #floresdebach #esenciaspatagonia #chile #uk #love #surprise #sorpresa
User Image formandlight Posted: Mar 22, 2018 12:58 PM (UTC)

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Inspired by Form | Rise.

I feel the waters
Moving, shifting
Rising from deep
Dark recesses
Of a Winter body
Wrapped in cold
It’s an insular thing
This journey, discovery
A choice - icy layers
Beneath the surface
Of a suffering space
That sits
Waiting for One
To transcend.

I woke this morning in deep contemplation of suffering. What it consists of, the idea of facing it, perpetuating it, accepting it, living with the belief that it is part of this earthly existence and only able to be transcended in death. And I realized that this does not resonate with me. A radical conclusion that goes against the teachings of ancient traditions, but perhaps that’s just it- it feels old. Outdated. Victim based. Deflating. A power grab of the grandest kind - sorcery actually, the perpetuation of story as reality. I am not one to resign, conform, accept without asking why. And so I will ask of you, what I did of self during dawn hours, how am I suffering? In what ways am I contributing? Is it serving? What are the deeper dimensions it might be masking? Most importantly, do I believe I have the ability to choose another way? Because I realized suffering is a choice, a constant only if we empower it to be and I refuse to live my life entangled in a belief that usurps personal responsibility. There is suffering in this world, some of the most extreme ever facing the Earth and Humanity, the question- how to alleviate it, the catalyst I believe - a change in belief, and it begins with you and me.
Mercury goes retrograde today until April 15th and apparently my deep dives into a contemplative state have begun. These transits are incredible moments of reflection. A pause to look at the ways in which we are communicating, navigating, interacting with self, others and the world around. Yes, they can affect electronics, technology and transportation but there are deeper noticings to be had if one gets out of the hype and into the energy. Journey well friends. xx sarah
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#mercuryretrograde #spring #equinox #weareformandlight #formandlight #awakeningspace
User Image genericseshop Posted: Mar 22, 2018 11:12 AM (UTC)
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A closer look at our new #RoseQuartz Facial Rollers . ✨🔮✨🌙✨🔮 See stories for more . SHOP online now via @genericseshop .com
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#GENERICSurbanapothecary #rosequartz #rosequartzroller #crystalhealing #facialroller #vibrationalhealing #vibrationalenergy #crystalbeauty #cleanliving #cleanbeautyrevolution #veganbeauty #jaderoller #jaderolling #greenbeauty #cleanbeauty #wellnesslifestyle #genericsenexperth #Beauty #urbanlistedperth #perthpop #perthcity #enexperth #northbridge #iloveperth
User Image moneymindenergy Posted: Mar 22, 2018 11:11 AM (UTC)

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Do you ever find yourself thinking...
🤔’If only I had more money, THEN I'd feel more secure...' or 😒’I can't feel secure until I have more money' 👉 The truth is, money is a NEUTRAL ENERGY 👈
So why does it have the potential to feel so RAW, SCARY, UPLIFTING, ELUSIVE (all the things!!)??!!🤮 👉 TRUTH - It's the MEANING we attach to money that creates the FEELING 👈

If you haven't got the money (yet) that you'd like to feel more secure, ask yourself an empowering question: 🤔WHAT STEPS CAN I TAKE RIGHT NOW TO MAKE MYSELF FEEL MORE SECURE? ? How can you start creating security for yourself in ANY way you can? How can you generate that feeling of safety and security for yourself, irrespective of money? 👀
If you can start to do this, I pretty much guarantee that those survival/safety triggers around money will start to reduce. You'll probably feel more resourceful and able to generate money in your business too.
Experience the Sacred Light of Reiki. Bookings now open for April after Easter. #dothis 📷 credit Mads-Schmidt-Rasmussen
User Image mauricekatting Posted: Mar 22, 2018 8:57 AM (UTC)
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Lunar Essence in Libra . .

Crystal gridded under a pyramid on the night of the full moon
Vibrational essence spring water & essential oil. Packaged in 100ml Amber glass bottle with atomizer. . .
Themes this essence works on:

Shining light on the way forward
Connection with higher self
Aura Cleansing
Geranium flower essence for healing the heart
. .

Invokes the presence of the wise one, the aspect of self that has already integrated the learning, integrated the understanding and can hold space for us while we are working through our confusion and lack of understanding. The part of us that already holds the knowing and is at peace . .

#floweressence #fullmoon #fullmoonlibra #libra #vibrationalessence #vibrationalhealing #flowerwater #floresdeagua #astrology #spiritual #healer #fullmoonmagic #alchemy #intention #crystals #crystalhealing #essences #crystalgrid #healing #balance

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