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User Image wah_niblo Posted: Oct 21, 2017 10:33 AM
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Super proud #vertigofilms 2nd 📺 show!! 🤞 🍀 💕 for first day 🎥 #bulletproof #skyone #NoelClarke #ashleywalters #nicklove jamie Al 😘
User Image madnewsblog Posted: Oct 16, 2017 11:43 AM
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It has been announced that filmmakers Femi Oyeniran (@femioyeniran) and Nicholas ‘Nicky SlimTing’ Walker (@nickyslimting) have signed a deal to make the sequel of their hit film ‘THE INTENT’. The deal is with Vertigo Films and Island Records. ==============================================================================
Oyeniran said this morning: "Two films, heartache and loads of prayers later, we have signed what is the biggest deal in our careers so far with world-renowned Island Records and the good guys at Vertigo Films. It is the first time that a record label and distribution company have come together to get behind a film from the scene, which is testament to the hard work everyone is putting in to move the culture forward." ==============================================================================
‘THE INTENT’ is still available to watch on @Netflix worldwide.

Congratulations Femi and Nicky. ==============================================================================

#theintent #sequel #femioyeniran #nickyslimting #nicholaswalker #vertigofilms #islandrecords #partnership #blackbritish #congratulations🎉
User Image eq_fb Posted: Oct 12, 2017 10:20 PM
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eq_fb 1w ago
Hem yükseklik korkusuna, hem gerilim filmi antipatisine sahip biri olarak, tavsiye üzerine izlediğim Hitchcock'un 1958 yılı yapımı Vertigo’sunun son zamanlarda beni en çok etkileyen film olduğunu söylemeliyim. Hikaye baştan sona çok zekice planlanmış... Gerilim ve polisiyenin içinde yitik ve hüzünlü bir aşkın öyküsü işlenmiş.. Filmi izledikten sonra hikayesini kurcaladığınızda senaryo yazımında, mekan seçiminde, dekorların hazırlanmasında, oyuncuların tercihinde Hitchcock titizliğinin filme nasıl yansıdığını da görebiliyorsunuz. Filmin çekildiği dönemin büyülü atmosferi, kostümler, dekorlar, mekanlar başdöndürücü.. San Francisco’nun inişli caddeleri, Kaliforniya’nın muhteşem sahili, dev sekoya ağaçları.. James Stewart ve Kim Novak’ın oyunculuklarını ve filme nasıl bir etki kattıklarını anlatmaya sözcüklerim yetmez.. Filmin adı neden Ölüm Korkusu şeklinde dilimize çevrilmiş, onu anlayamadım bir türlü.. İzlemeden olmaz dedirten bir şaheser.. #vertigo #vertigofilm #vertigofilms #vertigohitchcock #hitchcock #jamesstewart #kimnovak #sinema #movie #sinemakeyfi
User Image richard_dzisiewski Posted: Oct 10, 2017 10:04 AM
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Filming Pwa windsurfing in Gran Canaria years ago. If you look closely I've got my fingers crossed. The wind was so strong and the helicopter so old that going up wind was a struggle. Fun thou !!#aerial #filming #oldschool #windsurfing #rebelmedia #vertigofilms
User Image alexanajerac Posted: Sep 24, 2017 4:02 AM
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Gran #casting para una #película 🎬🎥... se convoca #actores este jueves 28 y viernes 29 de septiembre. ☝☝#GlobalBlueFilms #VertigoFilms [email protected] esperamos en Luis Pasteur E10-62 y París #Quito
User Image vertigoflm Posted: Sep 21, 2017 3:51 PM
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Ben deli değilim fragmanı çok yakında sizlerle... #vertigofilms
User Image claqueteados Posted: Aug 29, 2017 11:20 PM
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La película francesa Agencia de engaños dirigida por Philippe Lacheau que está siendo la comedia más taquillera del año en Francia, se estrena el próximo 15 de septiembre en los cines españoles. #alibiagenciadeengaños #vertigofilms #cinefrances
User Image natalia_plascencia_ Posted: Aug 20, 2017 3:26 PM
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De la serie Hospitales. En tierras tapatías filmando en el Hospital de la maternidad. #vertigofilms #22deabril
#Repost @vertigoreleasing
Final Portrait 🎨✨
This evening #CurzonMayfair (@curzoncinemas) welcomes writer/director Stanley Tucci for a Q&A following the preview screening of his first directorial effort in a decade, ‘Final Portrait’. The film, coinciding with the vast retrospective at London’s @Tate Modern, is a timely portrait of Alberto Giacometti, dominated by a superb central performance from Geoffrey Rush as the artist.
Set over a couple of weeks in 1964, #FinalPortrait focuses on a short period in the artist’s life when he chose to create a portrait of his friend and art critic James Lord (played by @ArmieHammer) during a short trip to #Paris.
‘Giacometti’, at the #TateModern, runs until 10 Sept 17
‘Final Portrait’ will be released in cinemas across the UK from 18 Aug 17
For more information, go to,
#RichardGreen #RichardGreenGallery #London #Curzon #CurzonMayfair #FinalPortrait #StanleyTucci #Vertigo #VertigoFilms #Tate #TateModern #AlbertoGiacometti #Giacometti #GeoffreyRush #ArmieHammer #ComingSoon
Dust Music Video 2017 location. We had a great video shoot today with the crew. The team is growing and getting strong. They've been putting in work..! #dust #dust2017 #parisfishermusic #poam #poamclothing #prospectorsonamission #rhode island #NYC #London #Paris #France #la #Hollywood #Bollywood #UK #England #newengland #Atlanta #rhodeisland #film #vertigofilms
User Image lukeatthemovies Posted: Jul 8, 2017 10:39 PM
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Luke's Rating: 6 of 10
Rotten Tomatoes: 72% 🍅
Metacritic: 63%

This is an extremely impressive film, don't let my rating fool you. Gareth Edwards might be one of the most resourceful directors working in Hollywood, and shows it with this independent treat. Shot with a budget of only half a million dollars, Monsters takes place in the not too distant future. Here Mexico has been overrun by these Titan-like monsters, and the United States have closed their borders. Andrew, a photojournalist has been tasked with bringing his boss' daughter back across the border into the United States. The only issue is they can't fly, but have to travel through the infected zone. What I like and dislike about this film at the same time is its narrative. Here the story is a little unorthodox in that it is not about the monsters, but rather the two companions traveling together in the infected zone. It is almost as if this film could have taken place without the subplot of the monsters, but fits just as well. The thing I wish they elaborated on more, but at the same time I understand why not, is the evolution that these creatures have undergone. They are the next step in evolution, and I think a conversation between the two about that would have benefitted immensely. Where this film really made me drop my jaw, is in the production value. On a shoe string budget, they were able to create a sense of disarray with gigantic monsters, military planes, and humongous walls. Edwards was impressive for organizing this film, and I wish Disney allowed him to do the same with Rogue One.
~suggested by @joshatthemovies

#2010 #GarethEdwards #ScootMcNairy #WhitneyAble #VertigoFilms #Indie #Disaster
User Image primula87_jp Posted: Jul 3, 2017 3:08 PM
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#FinalPortrait poster and trailer #VertigoFilms #UK
Via IMDb
#ArmieHammer #GeoffreyRush #clemencepoesy #stanleytucci

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