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User Image global.b Posted: Feb 19, 2018 12:10 AM (UTC)

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Because we need a show that breaks down what’s going on in the fashion, financial, travel and health world. I will be covering everything from the newest independent/global Brand to the newest released IPO/ICO (stock). I’ve been gaining knowledge in so many skills, watching some of the most talented artist and want to introduce you to it All. The very first episode of the #TheBGLOBALshow will be the unboxing of the very Limited @fbccbayarea Valedictorian VV1. Independent fashion designer who served in our Navy, that followed his dreams into customizing sneakers leading to his very own shoe. His motivation is Real and his hustle is Global. Please drop down in the comments any topics or ideas you would like for me to cover, this will be a podcast of QUALITY INFORMATION. PEACE🅱️🌐
I'm loving my lips. I highly recommend juvederm vollure. It lasts 18 months and results are very natural. Bruising and swelling lasted for about 4 days. It was such an amazing experience thanks to @enviousbycharisma 💋

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