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User Image dyl_2018 Posted: Feb 22, 2018 3:58 PM (UTC)

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Last few days in stunning Somana, Dominican Republic. We rented a Quad Bike for the day to explore the island. #newbeach #dominicanrepublic #sunny #quadbike #company #exploring #venturing #meetingthelocals #travelling
User Image bsamemes Posted: Feb 22, 2018 3:35 PM (UTC)

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Explain this round earthers 🌎👀
User Image venturingcrew4 Posted: Feb 22, 2018 2:50 PM (UTC)

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Happy birthday to Lord Baden-Powell, our Founder and Chief Scout of the World, and happy #ScoutsFoundersDay to all Scouts everywhere! We’ll be celebrating with a Dutch oven cookout at Venturer Ella W.’s house tonight. ⚜️ #Repost #Knoxville #EastTNScouts #SR6Venturing #SRVenturing #Venturing #Venturers #Scouting #Scouts #iScout
After a nice campfire at Martin’s Fork on Sunday night, we awoke Monday morning to cook breakfast, break camp, and hike out of Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. Pancakes were served, including a special thank-you pancake for Associate Advisor Robin G. for making the trip possible. The Crew also experimented with frying a rice krispies treat in pancake batter. We then packed up and hiked about 3 miles, primarily along the Chadwell Gap Trail, to exit the Park. ⚜️ #Knoxville #GetOutside #ForceOfNature #EastTNScouts #SR6Venturing #SRVenturing #Venturing #Venturers #Scouting #Scouts #iScout
User Image gazcueesarte Posted: Feb 22, 2018 11:15 AM (UTC)

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#UnDiaComoHoy 1857: nace Robert Baden-Powell, militar británico, creador del movimiento scout (f. 1941). Robert Stephenson Cecil Smyth Baden-Powell, I barón Baden-Powell de Gilwell, OM GCMG GCVO GBE KCBDL (Paddington, Londres, Reino Unido, 22 de febrero de 1857 - Nyeri, Kenia, 8 de enero de 1941) fue un actor, pintor, músico, militar, escultor y escritor británico. Fundador del Movimiento Scout Mundial, participó en distintas campañas militares en África, en las cuales destacó y obtuvo gran popularidad entre la población británica, especialmente por su heroica dirección en la defensa de Mafeking. Tras regresar a su isla natal, las publicaciones de sus libros se multiplicaron y se convirtió, así, en un destacado autor en materia de educación y formación juvenil. Sus ideas, plasmadas en Escultismo para muchachos y otras obras, inspiraron a grupos de jóvenes británicos a formar patrullas, con lo que se inició de manera informal el escultismo.

Tras su renuncia al ejército británico por consejo del rey Eduardo VII, se dedicó plenamente a la formación del movimiento scout. Participó en actividades por todo el mundo, propagando y asentando las bases del escultismo moderno. Escribió una gran cantidad de libros adecuados a las necesidades del movimiento y a los diferentes niveles de participación de los scouts, permitiendo que estos, en todo el mundo, tuviesen la oportunidad de aprender mediante textos especializados para su edad. Tras obtener diversos premios y reconocimientos, se retiró con su esposa a Kenia, donde murió. Fue sepultado en Nyeri; su tumba tiene inscrito un mensaje de Baden-Powell para todos los scouts del mundo. "Intentad dejar este mundo mejor de como os lo encontrasteis" que resume uno de los fines a lograr en los jóvenes a través del Escultismo.

#Oiste #militar @boyscoutsofamerica #boyscouts #cubscouts #venturing #BeAScout #gazcueesarte @jlmendoza1986 @moisesbal
User Image thecapitolvoa Posted: Feb 22, 2018 1:47 AM (UTC)

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Tonight we supported Crew 422 at their winter court of honor, where the members were given Journey to Excellence unit awards for 2017! This crew sets a great example of what crews should be. #venturing #crew #courtofhonor #thecapitoldistrict
User Image thecrochetingpastor Posted: Feb 22, 2018 12:03 AM (UTC)

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Just look at this colours!!!! Loe the combination - such inspiration. And while I’m at Spotlight...who knows what creative idea may pop up. Exploring Brisbane #nature #venturing #parks #coloursofnature
User Image venturingbsa Posted: Feb 21, 2018 6:10 PM (UTC)

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User Image Posted: Feb 21, 2018 5:28 PM (UTC)

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Been so blessed catching up with some dear people on this trip. Building more memories with the Brons last night, who are clearly #favouredbygod and about the father's business pastoring the #thehubchurch in #otaki nz. Literally talked until I was another year older with the lovely Jo and the bonus was I came away wiser, not just older :) #thegodparents #sogreatful #goodtalks
True found more #lego and had to #drool from the outside window while we were locked out, but the #kittens kept him busy :) Zoo today #pleasestopraining 🙏#venturing #in #grace
User Image olympian.hero Posted: Feb 21, 2018 5:02 PM (UTC)

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We departed the White Rocks campsite in Cumberland Gap National Historical Park on Sunday afternoon. Our first stop was the White Rocks overlook, an impressive cliff face overlooking the green fields of Virginia’s Powell River Valley and the Smokies beyond. We then detoured to Sand Cave, an enormous rockshelter carved by wind, water, and ice containing 1.5 acres of sand; we entered the cave by descending into a green alcove of hemlocks and rhododendron growing along a crystal clear stream and then passing under a beautiful waterfall. We then resumed our journey westward along the Ridge Trail for 4.5 miles until we reached Martin’s Fork, our campsite for our second night. ⚜️ #Knoxville #GetOutside #ForceOfNature #EastTNScouts #SR6Venturing #SRVenturing #Venturing #Venturers #Scouting #Scouts #iScout
User Image theredheadstory Posted: Feb 21, 2018 3:34 PM (UTC)
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...might just be my favorite thing. I can't help but wake up with that itchy feet feeling getting stronger each day. After our grounding Arizona trip I am finding myself in the mood for change (not that this year didn't start off with changes already but maybe it's a sign?!). We only have this one life - why not choose to take a little bit of a risk. Just go for it? There's nothing to lose but so much to win. As a #germanexpat, I live for experiences and a life in motion.
Daydreaming of packing backs with my man, taking the dogs, loading up the truck ... and roadtripping the US. My thirst to see more is simply immense at the moment. I've been at that point several times in my life and usually, big changes happened (moving to London, other cities in Germany, going on week-long trips to the states, or moving to San Diego). I need that to grow. And now I have this butterfly feeling again. Like...I cannot sit still and do ordinary things.
Anyone know what I'm talking about?
User Image Posted: Feb 21, 2018 9:11 AM (UTC)

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Wow Levi, just hanging with your #amego and he showed me this picture... #wishyouwerehere #memories #seeyousoon #venturing #in #grace

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