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Had the privilege of watching Sky and Ocean shred at the Venice Skatepark today! These @awsmkids are 6 and 9 years old and killin' it 🤙🏼

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The doctor has sliced prices on some items for Halloween. Take 31% off selected hats, t-shirts, & more during our Bloody Halloween Sale. Link in our profile.
—Freedom to coach my kids if I want. —Go on vacation without asking permission.
—Freedom despite the grit of the old rollercoaster ride.

A few reasons why I prefer self-employment over other-employment (outsourcing my employment to an evil boss? 🐙). Many entrepreneurs will chime in and say ... Entrepreneurship is harder than a job. Way more work. Way more time.

This is a choice by the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs must realize that when you pick up one end of the stick, you also pick up the other.

If you’re too busy and you as an owner, have turned your business into a job, that is a choice.
When you choose freedom, you also choose responsibility.

Any owner who is too busy for family and fun and contribution to community (main reasons many entrepreneurs start), can only blame themselves for setting up their business that way. I didn’t say “wrong.” Wrong is subjective. It’s a choice. You’re the owner. Choose wisely.

Don’t let your business dreams turn into your personal living nightmare.

Message me if you want to learn more. My platinum mastermind of over 100 paying clients are a testament to how life can fuel business and business can fuel life. 🔥 #richienorton #ruckuslist @cardonnorton #cardonnorton #sk8 #venicebeachskatepark

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