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YES TO: Customisable Masking! My skin is in a bit of a weird place right now; congestion and dullness but also dryness due to the changing weather. This is how I like to use my Yes To Detoxifying Charcoal Powder-to-Clay Mask with Tomato extract to help clear my complexion. Charcoal is amazing for extracting toxins from the skin however it can be drying for dehydrated skin types like mine so I like to mix and mask by adding in some natural ingredients like Greek Yogurt (to hydrate) and Honey (to smooth) the skin. Watch me mix and mask and see how bright and glowing my skin look afterwards. These game changing Yes To masks are the number one face mask in the USA and are currently available to buy at @ASOS #MixandMask #DIY
✖️R E V E R S E Z I P P E R F A C E ✖️ _______________________________________________________________This is actually so disgusting, but I'm pretty proud of this look to be completely honest. I legit went so hard, that I straight up used Dijon mustard on my face to emphasize the gross detailed "puss' look. Ew, that word is appalling. Anyways, now you know how committed I was at getting this 🤷🏼‍♀️Hope you guys like!
Mini tutorial of this look will be up later today! 🎥
Segundinha do curso de hoje com Aluna @mariliaoviedo_
De Caacupe - Paraguay
14 horas de estrada para fazer o meu curso gente 😱 e está arrasani 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Sobre cursos e agendamentos de produção para eventos (43) 99112 0808 . .
Algumas informações sobre meu curso profissional de 1 dia aqui em Londrina Pr lembrando que que tbm tem o curso intensivo (24h) e o super intensivo (55h)
Curso de maquiagem profissional VIP (individual)
- Atenção total para a aluna
- R$ 750,00
- 8h a 10h de curso
- 3 técnicas - totalmente prático
- material incluso
- modelos inclusas
- dicas de produtos
- Dinâmico
- fotos top das modelos e das makes
- entrega de certificado ao final do curso
- Iniciante e aperfeiçoamento - Londrina PR

Maiores informações sobre curso e agendamentos pelo wats (43) 99112 0808 .
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Thank you for your kinds words Abby ❤️ 🤗this picture was taken post barrier cream 😊🙃 #whatshesaid

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