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User Image rememberkrishna Posted: Feb 23, 2018 11:38 PM (UTC)

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Beautiful giriraj with his ornamental bun...
Isn't he just beloved??!!
Yesterday I pulled a whirlwind move and sent my son to a polish retreat.. no He's never been to poland!
We booked it 11 and he flew out 8 hrs later. I call my sisters tribe a hurricane but I don't think they've ever booked and travelled ON THE SAME DAY!!
Admittedly Id been hoping to do it for weeks but only just got permission to join retreat. I wish i were going!!!
I couldn't leave my work deadlines at this time which stinks!! 😣😩😨 It was pouring rain on the way back from the airport at 1am .. i had to pull over at a service station and sleep for awhile until my eyes were rested enough to make the trip safely home.
So my whole day is getting off to a late start and I have SO MUCH sewing to do!
Expect to be bombed wjth choices and progress and deity clothes spam!
I hope you enjoy the weekend & make Krsna part of your daily life!
User Image rememberkrishna Posted: Feb 22, 2018 5:41 AM (UTC)

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My Jagganath- he's VERY dear to my heart because as a child I received a beautiful Jagannath doll to love.
I slept with Him every night of my life cuddled against my heart and shared Him with my babies once they came along.. Still I kiss Jagannath at night before I sleep and feel comforted with his soft cuddly form snuggling against my heart, and in the morning I greet Him again with love and a extra tight squish.
Aside from all the other wonderful gifts my parents bestowed upon me, like a connection to the lotus feet of my gurudev, Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda, the Holy Names & introducing me to Krishna, a regulated upbringing, and oodles of love & care, & 5 rowdy siblings... wow just Trying to list even a bit of what I am so blessed with makes me feel humbled & grateful this morning!!
😙🤗 thank you dear parents, how can I ever repay this matchless gift?!
But to share with you; I'm so eternally delighted to have this Jagannath to love.
The first forms of Krsna you give your child will have a deep and lasting impact.
For some its a cuddly krsna or a small deity doll to worship.
For my daughter its her krishna balaram deities & little cuddly cow "cowie" & my Jagannath.. Do give the gift of Krsna.
Its very nice when you are scared as a child or adult to hug Krsna & sing to him a prayer of love & protection when you're down or in trouble.
I used to wake from nightmares and hum or whisper sing from my pillow
Jagganatha swami
Nayanapatha gami
Bhavatta tome
O lord of the universe
Kindly be merciful
Unto me
Thinking of the vastness of the universe maintained created & annihilated under the direction of the Supreme, Sri Bhagavan.
So I am eternally indebted for this early connection to dear sweet Krishna, which by the mercy of my spiritual master & Krsna, has only grown.
I urge you to find ways to give your little souls Krishna!!
Start them young and give age appropriate Krsna at the different stages of their life!
Love Krishna & be happy 😃😄
Remember - you can claim your OWN Krishna by clicking link in bio
Guys.. I finally found a dairy free creamer that doesn’t taste like water 😂
You gotta try it! @califiafarms has a few different flavours (and a plain one!) 🙌🏼
User Image light_jennifer_ Posted: Feb 21, 2018 1:32 PM (UTC)

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Odio il brutto tempo! Vorrei letteralmente trovarmi in spiaggia con 50 gradi!😅 È anche vero che >>in inverno si prepara il corpo per l’ estate<< quest’ anno voglio arrivare alla prova costume preparata ! 🌟semplice soddisfazione personale 🌟

Sentirmi bene è diventato per me una PRIORITÀ !
Perché so cosa significa star male con il proprio corpo, e ho deciso di non voler più passare quella fase del “è troppo tardi”😣 Non l’ ho mai desiderato, ma quest’ anno è diverso! Non vedo l’ ora che arrivi
l’ESTATE☀️ Ci prepariamo insieme?🖤
User Image hollyseesstars Posted: Nov 24, 2017 4:38 AM (UTC)

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Bon appetite my fellow vegans! 🤩
Scrumptious dinner tonight. Keeping it healthy, light , yet satisfying! Feast your eyes on a bed of beef-less ground beef thanks to my friends over at @traderjoes topped with broccoli & cauliflower. This plate is packed with protein. 💪🏼
What is everyone having for dinner tonight?
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User Image bella.vegana Posted: Feb 20, 2018 8:22 PM (UTC)

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🍴Vegan Thanksgiving 2017!🍴
Cinnamon rolls: @minimalistbaker
Mac and Cheese: @veganyumminess
Whole Foods Vegan Menu: @wholefoods #veganthanksgiving #plantbaseddrippin #thanksgiving #vegan #vegancommunity #followforfollow #dessert #healthyliving #yum #full #November #bellavegana #veganlifestyle
I am SO honored to be included in this list of vegans making black history with @aveganchildsjourney @officialgreymusic @blackwomendo1 @badassvegan and @domzthompson.
I celebrate the many amazing individuals paving the way for the right to healthy lives for their friends and families and fighting for the environmental & spiritual future of this earth. 🌎

We cannot conquer injustice if we don't build internal strength, and it is impossible to end our own injustice while participating in injustice against others. Simultaneously humans will never end injustice against animals if they can't learn to care about injustices against their fellow man. Let us remember all of these things as we create the future we want to see!

Thanks @peta @peta2. Black history is each of us, NOW. I hope this inspires you to step into your power, to rise, and to shine!

With Love,
Olympia Auset
Founder @supr.mrkt ✌🏾️
User Image veganablee Posted: Feb 20, 2018 2:29 PM (UTC)

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