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i was just trying to be a good dog and this is what i get. can someone arrest this bitch already 😤#unimpressed
I like to precariously have my phone with me in the bath so I can look at the places I've been, and I'd like to share this very special photo of an Irish sheep and I seeing each other for the very first time. It was not impressed. #ireland #sheep #unimpressed #castle #ruins #tipperary #travel
Dear stalker, you don't scare me. How you gonna leave me a note implying you got me a gift or something but When I look around and I don't see anything but this unspooky note!? Pfft---Better upyour creep game , my anonymous amigo!#unimpressed#unjilted#
First swimming lesson in the pool. Whoever said labradors have waterproof coats, a high tolerance for cold and are the happiest dogs on earth are f'ing liars. #unimpressed

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