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Fuck, that was a powerhouse. Bigger crowd than most of the mainstage bands, too.

#unelectable 💕💕💕
Jeremy #Corbyn also gets a mention in the #NewYorkTimes but remember British papers say he's #unelectable and doesn't make an impact and won't get taken seriously globally #propoganda #britishpress
R kid is on BBC1 in a moment with Andrew Marr, live. Showing that he's the dogs bollocks 2 days after increasing Labour's vote share by 3.5 million while the PM hides with the gay hating DUP #unelectable #StrongAndStable
If this is even close, it's delightful.
Think back six weeks, when Theresa took a jolly punt on scooping up a tonne of seats.
Think back to last year, with Owen Smith and his cohort of Blairites, warning the world (and 300,000 Corbyn supporters) that Labour would be #UNELECTABLE.
Think back to every shadow cabinet member who whimsically decided to resign their post because the party was 'going in the wrong direction' and couldn't function as an opposition.
And here we are: snap election, when this deemed pitiful opposition was supposedly at its weakest, and they GAIN SEATS.
Jog on media, jog on establishment.

#election2016 #electionday #results #jeremycorbyn #corbyn #vote #labour #conservatives #election
uxlubes 20w ago
Don't let anyone tell you that it can't be done. #unelectable. #corbyn
Good old labour fucking it up once again! It's actually amazing how these people have made it to the top of the Labour Party, and terrifying that, however small the chance may be, they do have a chance at being able to run our country! Surely, surely... SURELY EVERYONE can agree that the Tory party are the only electable party. I mean come on! Wether you hate the tories, hate the rich, hate Theresa, hate fox hunting, are allergic to the colour blue, surely you still won't vote for these clowns?! #wakeupbritain #unelectable #idratherhavegreenparty