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Happy birthday to one of the best Madonna albums of all time. And certainly an album in my top five favorite albums ever!
So twenty years ago, I was young and had young priorities. This album was coming out and I needed to buy it. But I was broke and needed money. So I got a job... just to get the album. Haha. Priorities!
So February 22 came along and I was a few days shy of a paycheck. I was bummed but would wait.
My friends Sean, Nancy, and I'm assuming at the time Rebecca (correct me if I'm wrong anyone who remembers) came over. We were hanging out in my room and Sean said he wanted to talk to me in the living room.
We sat on the couch and he said "I have something for you. It's in my pants!" (Disclaimer... I was head over heels for him at the time and this was welcome news. But he had a girlfriend.... anyway let's get back to the story)
I just blinked at him, wondering what he was up to.
The he pulled out the "Ray if light" CD out of his pants.
I screamed and hugged him. Said a million thank yous. Then we went upstairs to listen to it. We danced. The lava lamp was flowing. We smoked pot. I remember being very stoned and dancing to "Skin". It was a very fond memory. The first listen of #rayoflight I was high. In my mom's house no less.
This album got me through so many tough times, and still does. Such a ground breaking, & incredible piece of art!
Thank you to all who made this album.
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