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Happy 17th to my little kitten love..sweet as ever then and sweet as ever now..loads of #ummas..

#mylittlegirl #mydaughter #happybirthday #loveyouloads
You know @crystal.jimmy loves you when she doesn't give you the "bitch how dare you" look for stealing a piece of chicken from her plate ❤ Thank you for never giving me that look. (Yep, she's thin because I've been stealing her food) Oh wait, this is supposed to be a birthday post. .
Happy birthday Crystal (Oochie Koochie/Crishwash/ DeeDee). 14th September, as always, feels even better than Christmas. Pappi and Jhappi from ze smol pupper. ❤🎈
#cradletograve #lifewithoutyou #feelslikepoopoo #crystalison4lyf #happybirthday #ummas #jimmysisters #yay
✨ \\ bubble tea // ✨

Bubble tea for the first time with @raesue92. She got a Strawberry Smoothie Bubble Tea 🍓& I got a Matcha Bubble Tea. Definitely need to repeat soon! 👉🏻