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Happy Birthday bro! You may be taller but your still not stronger. This photo was taken by @scottmacdonough after a very very successful surf mission overseas. My first surf trip with my brother and I don't think we will ever get better waves than we had then! Charging 8-10ft Grower with only inches of water over the reef and he takes off as if it's a 1ft beachie. Your a madman! Hope u had a good day @dunas95 . Yeow #uglylookinghumans
I sure showed my most handsome side yesterday to all the girls #uglylookinghumans
This one came straight from the #billabongprojbay. Sent by @vascoribeiro 's coach @nunotelmo. Hard day at the office... @nicvonrupp
This is amazing ! Haha best pre comp amp up #uglylookinghumans #funny