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User Image karriem_muhammad Posted: Jan 21, 2018 8:17 PM (UTC)

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#ufo #Messiah @LouisFarrakhan teaches "Dr. Roger Leir’s testimony of The Superior Technology on #TheWheel "Dr. Roger Leir, who was a guest during our 2011 Saviours’ Day convention where we hosted some of the top #UFO researchers in the world in a panel forum titled “UFOS: The Truth About The Existence of Unidentified Flying Objects”, was also among the panelists who testified at The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure which took place in the nation’s capital last April-May 2013.
He and his surgical team have performed over a dozen surgeries on alleged UFO abductees, resulting in the removal of small objects suspected of being alien implants.
During The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure—in which Dr. Leir gave testimony as part of the Technology Panel—he concluded that in the study of this technology, quote: “In my 50 years of podiatric surgical practice, I have removed literally hundreds of objects from the human foot, including paper, glass, metal and stones. All of the individuals involved in my study, all presented no noted portal of entry for any of the objects that were removed. There was NO VISIBLE scar formation and no interruption of the integrity of the skin, even when examination was performed with a magnifying loop.
ALL the individuals in the study presented positive X-rays or CT Scans showing metallic or lesser dense foreign objects. In addition, by use of a radio wave frequency detector, we were able to detect that certain radio frequencies in the FM band, were being emitted from the object. All the surgeries we performed were documented with eyewitnesses, video and still photography.

We find that, in all pathological reports, there is NO inflammatory reaction, there is no rejection reaction. There is nothing that we have found in material science that will produce absolutely no inflammatory reaction in the human body.” #Farrakhan The Time and What Must Be Done Part 55

User Image noauthorityapparel Posted: Jan 21, 2018 8:12 PM (UTC)

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User Image bkdubs Posted: Jan 21, 2018 8:10 PM (UTC)

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bkdubs 15m ago
I hope the CIA doesn't remove this video
Seen in Greentown, PA
#extraterrestrial #ufo #cosmicvisitors
User Image griffinbynum Posted: Jan 21, 2018 8:09 PM (UTC)

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What is this exactly? I’m not sure about this. #griffinbynum #whatisthis #ufo

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