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Drew this up for the queen of puns and all things witty. @roxyprima and I interviewed the lovely @eliza_svikulis for @drunkonlettering while we were down unda and parental advisory is suggested while listening to this episode. Besides our obvious shared love of getting wasted on wine, I feel that we have so much in common and she's ma soul sheila. I can't say enough about Eliza and I hope to hang out with her again IRL... maybe next time over margs in Tijuana? 🤔 Anyways, thanks for being an inspiring, beautiful human. I appreciate you! #girlcrush
When family gets married, and asks you to design a chalkboard for their big day, you do it! Had so much fun with this you Lindsay!! Also, a new Christmas design is in the works...planning to show a sneak later! Happy Thursday! 😘#weddingchalkboard #weddingdecor #weddingsign
kaci.en 17m ago
I've been sick since yesterday and it's no fun at all 🤒 My energy levels are low, I think all the stress from the last couple of weeks finally got to me. At least I have some time to share these #inktober things I lettered before but haven't had the time to post yet.

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