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Doing this but all in one post lol.
1.) Forest, Guns For Hands, or isle of flightless birds
2.) March to the sea
3.) Ruby
4.) 💘
5.) Doubt
6.) Car Radio
7.) Forest
8.) Isle of the Flightless Birds
9.) Prove Me Wrong
10.) March to the sea or Dollhouse
11.) Stressed out
12.) Forest
13.) Dec 1. 88
14.) June 18th. 88
15.) Idk
16.) Ruby
17.) None that I really hate.
18.) I wish
19.) Quickly moving towards a storm
Moving forward, torn
Into pieces over reasons
Of what these storms are for
I don't understand why everything I adore
Takes a different form when I squint my eyes
Have you ever done that?
When you squint your eyes
And your eyelashes make it look a little not right
And then with just enough light
Comes from just the right side
And you find you're not who you're supposed to be?
20.) Guns For Hands
21.) Regional At Best
22.) None but maybe Blurryface if I had to pick
23.) No Phun Intended
24.) No
25.) Sentimental by Porcupine Tree. Tyler solo
26.) The 3 I put on number 1
27.) A few shirts
28.) How frustrating, and so degrading, His time, we're wasting. And time will fly by and the sky will cry as light is fading
And He is waiting, oh so patiently
While we repeat the same routine as we will please comfortability
And please think about why you can't sleep in the evening
And please don't be afraid of what your soul is really thinking
Your soul knows good and evil, your soul knows both sides
And it's time you pick your battles, and I promise you this is mine (I promise you)
29.) Truce
30.) Ode to Sleep
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