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2 years ago today I got marry my bestie in the most amazing place on earth😍 1 year later we spent our anniversary at home in our pj's while I was in labour waiting for our little girl to arrive and this year, Sam is finishing up his last set of work with the NZ Police before he leaves for Christchurch in a couple of weeks to start his training for air traffic control!! To say it's been a crazy 2 years is an understatement but I've come to realise that life never goes smoothly and to just roll with it as before we know it there will be another curve ball thrown in somewhere😂 Happy Anniversary darl, I love doing life with you and our little monkey😘😘 #happyanniversarymylove
I love this little monkeys face. Super excited to celebrate the big 2️⃣ this weekend!! 🍰🎁🎉 #elledaylenmckenna #toddlerlife #veganbaby #twoyears #miamibeach
Happy anniversary to the man of my dreams. The one that loves me through good and bad. The one that knows my heart best and still chooses me. The one that gives me his hand and helps me to stand up. The one that I can call the biggest gift from Jesus. The one that makes me laugh until my face hurts. The one that serves the hardest and makes everyone feel special. The one that calls me his. The one I love with all my heart. The one that I’m blessed and grateful to wake up everyday beside. The one that makes this journey worth it with no regrets. The one that makes my life adventurous. To you, the one, I flippin love you.
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It’s been two years since I said “I Do” to my best friend. It hasn’t been the two years we were expecting. It’s been full of challenges, heartaches and loss. But it’s also been full of love, adventure and growth. I wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else. Happy two year anniversary babe. Here’s to many more!•

#happilyeverhatcher #twoyears #anniversary #love #marriage #bestfriend #ido @matt.hatcher87
Gracias por estos dos años, gracias por acompañarme en mis locuras y ser mi clave a tierra en otras, gracias por darme tu tiempo, el bien más preciado que tenemos.. 💚👫 #twoyears #happy #thankfully #loveyou
meroche 22m ago
❤️🎂Happy 2nd birthday to this lil pumpkin. You have changed my life for the better. Your my lil have changed so much. Can’t wait to see how much more you grow Auntie loves you #birthdayboy #terribletwos #love #birthday #twoyears
Close your eyes
Let me tell you all the reasons why
You’re never going to have to cry
Because you’re one of a kind
Yeah here’s to you
You’re the one that always poses true
You always do what you got to do babe
Because you’re one of a kind
#myoxygen #twoyears #moretocome #herestoyou #oneofakind
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since day one when he showed up in LA to ask me to be his girlfriend, this guy hasn't stopped surprising me. the way his love seems to continue and even grow as my flaws are continually exposed, the way he constantly finds new passions and dreams, his confidence, his patience with me, his appreciation for God's truth and wisdom, to his newfound love for jazz (and the list goes on) there is never a dull moment with him and I am so excited to see what other adventures God has in store this next year ☺️ Grateful I get a chance to experience God's love and grace through you, I love you babe ❤️😘 #happyanni #twoyears
Dos años siendo la esposa de éste guaperrimo 😍. Te amo infinito momosh! 💖👨‍👩‍👧🙌🏻 #husbandandwifebestfriendsforlife #twoyears #togetherforever

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