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Just met this dude on the street. Helped him continue along his travels. Had a conversation with him. Turns out my dude is straight killing life. My guy has life all figured out; talking about slow and steady over fast and unstable. Talked about turning negatives into positives and just taking a minute to step back and witness spaceship earth for what it is... Lit! Even though we live in some truly gnarly times, he told me to remember that its all about perspective and to stay true. This thunderstorm was kinda killing my vibe because I got soaked with a few pups on the road, but this dude out here having a full blown dance party spinning on his back. He knows his past, doesn't stress his future and lives and loves in the present. Thanks for the reminders. In short, lil homie has maddd wisdom under the shell. 🎯💣✌🙏🔥 #Iliketurtles #twotimesifyaknowme #weoutherespreadingawareness