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It's crazy to me that there are 22 years between these two photos!! Then (1995): *we were friends
* he took me to the movies and to Chi Chi's but I had no clue he liked me
* I was headed to NWMSU to get my degree in Fashion Merchandising *He was headed to LA for acting school
* I wrote him really embarrassing letters about boys and he listened *we lost touch for 12 years and after a few failed relationships (engagements and a marriage) we reconnected on MySpace

* we are best friends and married *he takes me to the movies and cook me amazing dinners since Chi Chi's is gone
* he is the head of a college theatre department, an outstanding actor and playwright *I am an online health and fitness coach (so much for that degree, but I sure can shop!) and the creator behind @yarnvibes soon to be online shop *we just celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary in July (who would of thought we would marry in a horse barn??) It's funny how the world works. I am so thankful everyday to have this guy by my side. I wouldn't want it any other way!
Fun filled day taking in all the sights at the KC Ren Fest. ⚔️🛡🐉🍻🍗
This dude decided to steal my "special lady" hat today. I guess I will let him think he is worthy of this amazing hat for the day. 😂
Enjoyed celebrating 8 years of marriage with @big_poot today by seeing The Big Sick (highly recommend), running a few errands before I head to NOLA tomorrow, and filling our bellies with way too much delicious food and wine at @emchamasbrazil.
29 years ago we met in Spanish class as grade schoolers, and became friends. That friendship would span into our college years where we lost touch and reconnected 12 years later thanks to MySpace! (Anyone remember that??) It's funny how life works, but when it's meant to be you WILL find your way back to each other, even if the road was bumpy along the way! (It was worth it for sure)
Now today we celebrate 8 years of marriage. I don't think I will ever truly be able to put into words just how much this man means to me, but I always try!
@big_poot thank you for making life SWEET. I am beyond blessed to wake up each morning with you by my side. Thank you for your unconditional support and love, your head tickles, making me laugh all the time, for having a soft spot for kitties🐱, and for being the best Halloween costume partner ever! 😂

I can't wait to explore this world with you for another eight years PLUS! 😘
In the fall of 1988, I met Amber Holman (@mrsknitfit) and developed an instant crush. After a series of life events, we reconnected in the spring of 2007. 8 years ago today, she became my wife. So... Happy 8th Anniversary to my beautiful and beloved wife! It’s my tradition to feature one of her favorite albums on our anniversary, so @yarnvibes (that’s her other handle), this one’s for you! The Album of the Day is “Give Up” (2003) by The Postal Service. The indietronica pop band was formed in Seattle, Washington in 2001 by Ben Gibbard (vocalist of Death Cab for Cutie), producer Jimmy Tamborello (of Dntel and Headset), with Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley) on backing vocals. Because the members had other primary gigs and many scheduling commitments, their collaborations were conducted at a great distance. Tamborello wrote and performed instrumental tracks and sent the DATs (digital audio tapes) to Gibbard through the US Postal Service—hence, the band’s name. Lewis would add her vocal tracks later, but all participated in the live shows between 2003 and 2005 to promote the album. The band was inactive from 2005 t0 2013. To date, this is the group’s only LP and, despite hints that a 2nd album would come to fruition, The Postal Service disbanded officially after a brief 2013 reunion tour. Back in 2004, the actual USPS sent the band a cease and desist letter, citing trademark infringement. An agreement was reached which resulted in the band performing at the USPS’ National Executive Conference. Though “Give Up” only reached the 114th position on the Billboard album chart, it achieved Platinum status and was praised by critics for its throwbacks to 80s new wave. Gibbard’s delicate voice and sensitive, claustrophobic lyrics provide a surprising emotional punch that one wouldn’t normally associate with synthpop. My wife’s favorite track is the opener, “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight”, which revels in the contrast between the cold synth and Gibbard’s bittersweet tenor. Other highlights include the transcendent wistfulness of “Such Great Heights”, the melancholy duet “Nothing Better”, the sparkling “Brand New Colony”, and the spooky electro-ballad “This Place Is a Prison”.
tbelt 3M ago
It's difficult to adequately express how much love I have for these three wonderful human beings. So blessed to be their friend. Another adventure in the books, and yes: we took Peoria. #markandtrevortakepeoria #wewokeuplikethis #twopoots #kcmo
tbelt 3M ago
Nauvoo, IL- As a pit stop our way home, we stopped at the Joseph Smith Historical Site, in Nauvoo, Illinois. Pictured above is the temple of Illinois, a statue of Joseph and Hyram Smith, The Illinois River, and a statue of Jospeh Smith and Brigham Young. #markandtrevortakepeoria #wewokeuplikethis #twopoots #nauvoo
tbelt 3M ago
Peoria, IL- Ended the evening with sparklers, along with some of my favorite people. #markandtrevortakepeoria #twopoots #sparklers✨
He's home! He's home! I couldn't be happier to have my partner in crime back by my side! 💗💗💗
We have had a whirlwind day filled with lots of love and laughter. Finally made it to our final destination...and am definitely going to crash hard tonight!
Partying it up at the annual Benedictine Theatre Department Christmas Party🎄❤️🎄
Two Poots present...The Baking Boogie👯 We are cranking up the Christmas music and meal prepping/baking for tomorrow's big feast! 🙌🏻💗🙌🏻

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