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seventeen. slytherin. british boy. hogwarts. cunning. nobody’s boy. girl and boy kisser. rather lonely. apples are amazing. #00. books. mysterious. smol. golden trio era. if you don’t like apples, i’ll give you a nosebleed nougat. triwizard champion wannabe. could be a major git. prefect. looks like a veela. stubborn. knockturn alley. hogs head. potions. defense against the dark arts. needs more hp friends. emotional. fake feelings. aesthetic. honey dukes. butterbeer and firewhiskey. hippogriffs are tempting. bright. disrespectful. my father will hear about this. saint potter. mudbloods. trick quills. malfoy manor. treacle tart. meme god. odd.
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fuck, i guess I'll write this, I just got a y'know MacBook and I decided why not to write some stuff, I'm just sitting at my apartment bored; so my name is Adam Saxkler, I live in Brooklyn. I'm a inspiring actor, and wood worker, I've even been in a few things, advertising a drug and few quick roles on a police show. I guess I'll just right random shit on here, y'know things I'm thinking, I don't really have much going on at the moment. I guess I'll list my hobbies, I like reading, y'know a good book is probably my favorite thing in this world, it calms me, I prefer older literature by long dead philosophers, I don't go out a whole lot, I'm usually busy reading or writing one of my other hobbies. Writing helps me express my emotions, let's everything flow out without me talking to someone, i don't exactly like interacting with others, I would rather just stay in my house the whole day, eating cereal and stuff, y'know I wish I could met some new people, I like getting to understand their minds, I just hate the whole small talk thing.

comment to be one of my favorite people
Friday chronicles in the life of scooterboi and his lovely side kick the blue eyed bandit #cbr1000rr #slow #tvrp
Stefan Salvatore

My intro sucks dick, but I still need more friends and mains so if you wanna be friends comment for a tbh n rate

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Terminando a semana com tudo, gravação programa "PAPO COM O JARDIM" assista na TVRP canal 9 NET, no site ou baixe na Google play o app TVRP. #jobgrupors #TVRP #canal9
Terminando a semana com tudo, gravação programa "PAPO COM O JARDIM" assista na TVRP canal 9 NET, no site ou baixe na Google play o app TVRP. #jobgrupors #TVRP #canal9
Terminando a semana com tudo, gravação programa "PAPO COM O JARDIM" assista na TVRP canal 9 NET, no site ou baixe na Google play o app TVRP. #jobgrupors #TVRP #canal9
—· The kid from the wrong side of the tracks. With a disfunctional family, and social life to back it up. Spending his days in the shadows, not to fit in; but to scrape by. For the longest, Jughead was a name passed around by very few. Not known as a definitive person, but as either Archie's friend or the son of a serpent. But with the death of Jason Blossom, a new character emerged. One to cover the news, and reveal the truth. A sarcastic wit, and a tough as nails upcoming; the new leaf on the Jones family tree. So, with the emergence of this new man, there were new friends ·Archie, Veronica, Kevin· and a new, unexpected, lover ·Betty Cooper· creating a whole new version, of the hat wearing oddball. With the town of Riverdale in a crisis, they're in need of a hero. Maybe unlikely, but maybe.. Maybe their hero, is the one that's not expected. Jughead Jones; in case you haven't noticed, he's weird. He's a weirdo.

George sat on the very edge of the couch his eyes gazing upon the man, who was going to be interview him. The Beatles had just recently broken up publicly and the press had been going crazy, bothering him just as much as they used to during beatlemania, he could only imagine how much attention Paul and John were getting. George was in his London apartment and had agreed to do an interview with some top notch magazine, soon the cameras we're ready and the pens were ready.
The man asked him a question, something about how they break up would impact his life, "I guess nothing to big will change, I'll still write music just not with the boys" the young man said half sarcastically, his eyes forcused close to the camera.
Harrison listened to the next question, he put his hands in his blue denim jeans pockets, his hair slicked back nicely his beard covering his face; the interviewer asked him aboiy his relationship with Paul and John, "were still fine, I mean we're on good terms, talk to each other regularly" the man said.
The musican fixed his position on the seat making himself a little more comfortable, the interviewer asked a few more questions, most useless and insufficient. The reporter asked a question about what he thought about the band, his honest opinions "we were just a rock band, y'know, just a couple of Liverpool boys in a band that made some good tracks" George said smirking slightly, this experience reminded him of the old beatlemania press conferences where he would say witty remarks and tease the reports, the good old days.

This is jughead jones, this is a autobiography of sorts, I decided it was time to actually write about myself since I'm always writing about other people's problems and lives. I was born on October second two thousand and one in riverdale, to my mother and father, a few years later my sister Jellybean was born; I don't actually remember much of my early years same as most other people, first memories I have were of me and jelly playing, me and her often played with each other probably since I was often such a loner, we get along perfectly. After my father got fired though my mother and Jelly who she took with her left to live with my grandparents, FP did start drinking a lot became mentally abusive and even a little physically aggressive. After maybe a week of living with him I left, ran off to live at the drive in theater booth the same place I worked, at the age of fifteen. As much as I hate to admit to myself I am lonely at the booth, I miss Jelllybean, Mom, and even Dad; one other other person that I miss is Archie, my formal "best friend", we met in elementary school where we formed a friendship. Archie was so much more outgoing then I am, he wasn't afraid to go talk with other kids I guess I admired him for that, around ninth grade though we started to drift apart, I mean we had been drifting apart since the seventh grade but i guess in ninth grade he really started to pal around with the football kids. The football kids really didn't like me, probably because I was always trying to talk to Archie or maybe because I was just different then them anyways they just couldn't stand me, they actually started to "bully" me, y'know push me, slam my locker, the worst one of them was Jason Blossom, a real fucked up guy; the thing that hurt most of all was that Archie never really stood up for me, he never joined in but he would often laugh with them as they tormented me, it was horrible. Luckily this year got a little better, me and Archie aren't as close as we were back in the old days, but at least he occasionally stands up for me; theirs even a girl I have my eyes set on. Maybe my sophomore year won't be to terrible, theirs even a mystery.
I'm always in
Paradise with you ♡
Dia do Bem e Semana Viva Bem, são os eventos abordados hoje no programa Opinião Cidade da #TVRP Entrevista com a enfermeira do setor de medicina preventiva do @planobensaude Mariana Ariano ☺️
McRib, today is October 18th. This marks the fo(u?)rth year of us being friends. Our friendship has never been more then us constantly bantering or actually arguing. You’re my best friend and like my sister. Thank you for sticking around for four years!


⠀ hi its ya girl g here throwing my cool as fuck oc in the marvel universe. Anyways this theme will be rushed and sucks as I attempt to photoshop a new suit onto supergirl so she will not be in the dc universe and shit. This models temporary as hell

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