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♕ 1.06 - Lost Girls ♕
Well hello everyone! Yeah another fandom because I’m already obsessed about this show. I forgot how much I love vampires until I watched this show, I love it sm and so far, damon is my fav. HE IS HOT AF. NOT TO MENTION THAT HE IS A VAMPIRE.
#QOTD: Should I post more about tvd?
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[2x04 ]
☛Posting twice since I won't post again until tommorow..

Day or night?
[2x04 ]
☛The pills I took last night started to kick in now, and my head hurts a lot fucking less.

Nina or Paul?
[2x04 ]
☛Yup still on this episode.
I'm posting from school:)

Should I restart the 'comment to be tagged' thing?
My filter doesn’t look good on this 😫

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