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Precious here to introduce you to Loki @multi_catmanor a handsome Tuxie who has swept me off my feet and stolen my heart! Here are some pictures of us: All credit for these fabulous edits goes to Rebecca @multi_catmanor 🐾🐾 1. We are riding a Magic Carpet filled with our favorite treats to go star gazing. I call this a Purrfect date! 🐾🐾2. We are at a lakeside cabin for the Friday night box pawty. Gorgeous lake and First Class box pawty date! 🐾🐾3. Here we are in France relaxing with furriends in the golden leaves of a vineyard. Talk about jet setters!
🐾🐾4. We are in San Francisco riding the Magic Mustang over the Golden Gate Bridge. Would you like to fly in a Magic Mustang? Loki and Oscar can make it happen.
🐾🐾5. Loki, the Gorgeous, in his close up!♥️♥️ If you like cat adventures and pawties all over the world, you can follow the wonderful cat art of @multi_catmanor and the #oscarandlokiadventure tour.
Thanks for all your love and comments, my dear furriends. ♥️Precious♥️ #tuxedocats #tuxiesrule #blackandwhitecats #cutecats #catadventures #catshavingfun
My precious Joey passed away yesterday at the age of 15. He was one in a million and there will never be another kitty like him. RIP my baby, my heart is broken, but I know you are in a better place. #rainbowbridge🌈 #catsofinstagram #animalsofinstagram #rescuekitty #coolcat #mamasbaby #animalreporter #instagramcats #tuxedocats

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