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User Image manniet242 Posted: Nov 22, 2017 2:05 AM (UTC)
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I guess I’m getting back at it. Played around with it some more today and finally seeing some winds. Almost dialed in. #teamtoxicbass #ttb #sundownaudio #banda #tempesta #jypower #hairtrick
User Image pushjerk_com Posted: Nov 22, 2017 1:46 AM (UTC)
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Wed, Nov 22, 2017
• 200 Single Unders

2 rounds:
• 5 PVC Passthroughs
• 5 Front-to-back Leg Swings /leg
• 5 Side-to-side Leg Swings /leg
• 5 PVC Around the World /side
• 5 PVC Good Mornings
• 5 PVC Overhead Squats

2 rounds:
• 10 Incline DB Bench Press 30/20#
• 10 Bent-over DB Rows 30/20#

10 min EMOM:
• 3 Bench Press + 3 Strict Pull-up
Increase weight to finish heavy.

3 rounds:
• 10 Romanian Deadlifts 135/95#
• 10 GHD Sit-ups

10 min AMRAP:
• 2 Squat Cleans 155/105#
• 10 Push-ups
• 10 Toes-to-bar
User Image hungrychels Posted: Nov 22, 2017 1:25 AM (UTC)
2 Clarendon
Made a lot of progress in toes to bar, pull-ups, and chest to bar pull-ups since when I started crossfit last year. I remember in the crossfit open, doing sets of 4 TTB and singles on C2B. Sometimes in the day to day grind of striving to be better, I forget where I started. This is true both in the gym and outside in real life. Keep pushing limits fam. 👊🏼💥And don’t forget where you started.
On a side note I forgot my @wodndone grips at home and ripped a little in the middle of my hands 😓 the struggle is real!
#crossfit #crossfitter #ttb #c2bpullups #crossfitgymnastics #progress #girlsthatlift #nikemetcon3 #thickthighssavelives #foodandflex #metcon #weightlifting #deadlifts #teamnevo #htx #houstoncrossfit #houstonfitness #houstondietitian #dietitian
User Image ahpuesyen Posted: Nov 22, 2017 12:31 AM (UTC)
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Tienes alguna celebración en puerta? Toma nota de esta súper idea (que no, no fue mía) y haz que cada invitado personalice su vaso. Es una idea fabulosa por varias razones: colaboras con el ambiente al disminuir el uso de tanto plástico, ayudas a evitar el contagio de virus, economizas al no gastar dinero en tantos vasos desechables, disminuyes la posibilidad de que te “chuleen” el trago con la excusa de: me equivoqué!! puedes usarlo como recuerdo de tu celebración, etc. #los40dejeanky #stickers #sticker #calcomanías #vasospersonalizados #party #fiesta #etiquetas #etiqueta #rumba #celebraciones #cumpleaños #ttb #ahpues @mnahmens
User Image tutiendababy Posted: Nov 22, 2017 12:06 AM (UTC)
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Permite a tu bebé disfrutar de frutas con pepa, o hielo sin peligro de atrancarse, que tal un mango de azúcar? Las mallas son especiales para evitar ahogos. #tutiendababy #ttb #munchkin
Enjoyed staying late tonight to try something different. Switched it up on my boy @frankiestew with a full head bleach finished off with a rose gold toner and a high skin fade with a cropped/boxed fringe.
User Image turquoisetrailboutique Posted: Nov 21, 2017 10:39 PM (UTC)
4 Gingham
New inventory uploading tomorrow! Including these ADORABLE beanies 😍❄️ Who wants one? ✋🏻😻🛍 #TTB #boutiquestyle

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