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User Image mindblowingfree Posted: Mar 23, 2018 8:53 PM (UTC)

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We have these shadows inside of us that just want acknowledgement. When we ignore or deny these bubbling toils of trouble inside of us they grow.
They knock on the door of our conscious mind, vacillating between doing push ups and continued knocks.
When we don't answer them quickly and figure out a way to skillfully deal with them and integrate them into our sense of wholeness, they eventually get strong enough to kick down our gaurded door and all hell breaks loose within.
So my friends, take some time to be specific about things that bother you. Write them down, come up with a game plan of how you're going to nurture and care for the fragmented parts of yourself.
Ask yourself what you really want and how to get it. Decide if what you want is irrational or wholeheartedly true to you. Ask if you're being unreasonable for wanting what you want. Simplify things down so they aren't so abstract.
Most of all though, face the things that you're afraid of within yourself and do it before those fears gain momentum. It's much easier to shine light on a small shadow in the corner of a room than it is to light up a stadium once the darkness has taken over.
User Image freedmans_three Posted: Mar 23, 2018 8:38 PM (UTC)

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Intersecting Bright Moments⚡️YESSS this is Jerry Garcia’s original guitar😛 Aptly named WOLF {Yesss that’s hand carved inlay} That magical curly quilted flame maple top😬 The Purple Heart💜 solid body w/ asymmetric horns illustrating transitional Strat evolution into Tiger {Jerry’s next guitar} Electronics offering myriad of tonal options for the wizard to explore🎨🔌 Wolf was Jerry’s first custom workhorse - Built by Doug Irwin - First played w/ Merle Saunders in ‘73 at a private party for the Hell’s Angels - Defines 70’s Grateful Dead sound while also foreshadowing The 80’s Big Magic to come - An innovative machine for the string master to push boundaries of tone/melody & of course improvisation - Jerry’s vocabulary & phrasing really open up here adding such breadth/color to the ongoing conversation - Suddenly Jer’s virtuosity gains a new set of gears & new songs come into the fold - Layer in a MuTron envelope filter & there’s new warm wobbly melodic passages {Fire On The Mountain/Estimated Prophet} Even a midrange nasal frequency finds its purposeful yet sneaky way into the Warble - How ‘bout Feel Like A Stranger? 90’s first set mainstay opener that surely set the table for an adventurous oft ‘Weird’ evening w/ the band - So the flood gates opened...surging a blissful dynamic foray into future’s unchartered terrain - Precursor to so much texture/beauty & creativity - Who would have thought Jerry would be unraveling seamless jazz infused trumpet/flute runs w/ a pick & steel strings? Pan to present day...seeing our friend @zachnugent playing this guitar live with @jerrygarciaband is a true pleasure - He’s the right guy for the job not only for his high level skill & soulful delivery but most importantly for his Soul - Getting to know him reminds us that it’s always the human link that shines through the brightest...connecting us all {who love Jerry} To see a @wovenfree custom @levis jacket share the stage w/ Zach & Jerry is a true honor for me - So I lay down the pen taking pause to be Grateful🙏🏽 Photo courtesy of Zach Nugent - Guitar on loan courtesy of Brian Halligan of @hubspot who helped raise $3.2 million for Southern Poverty Law Center w/ its purchase⚡️
User Image thetentenclub Posted: Mar 23, 2018 8:45 PM (UTC)

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How long have you been saying yes to less?
Aren't you tired of it?
Every time you listen to the voice in your head that feeds you lies about yourself, you're saying yes to less.
Every time you convince yourself that good enough is good enough, you're saying yes to less.
Every time you allow someone into your life who treats you like crap, you're saying yes to less.
Every time you allow your hurt, pain and fear to be in the drivers seat, you're saying yes to less.
Every time you make excuses for why you're not happy, you're saying yes to less.
Every time you keep the status quo, you're saying yes to less.
Every time you numb out, stuff or distract from your pain, you're saying yes to less.
Every time you just put up with it, deny it, make do, chin up, carry on, stiff upper lip, grin and bear it, say you're fine when you know damn well you're not, pretend, wear the mask, settle for less, put yourself last, you're saying yes to less.
Have I made myself clear?
Are you fed up yet, or do you need another year ( or five or ten) before you'll stop?
Say yes to more and find out how amazing it is on the other side. 💗Val
User Image 3claministries Posted: Mar 23, 2018 8:39 PM (UTC)
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Today's #flashbackfriday goes to Nijeia for her dedication to gaining higher knowledge. Congratulations on receiving your new members award. #fbf #3cla #truthseeker
User Image tinayinyang Posted: Mar 23, 2018 8:35 PM (UTC)

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As I begin prepping for my "spring cleaning" my mind and body are already excited to move into lightness and clarity. What a great way to welcome Spring and the Easter holiday...stay tuned to my Spring Cleaning special running in the month of April...xo

#cleaneating #cleanse #mindandbody #resetbutton #reset #shedthesludge #personaltrainerofthesoul #truthseeker #holistichealthcoach #rejuvanate #awakening #toxinfree #loveyourself
User Image thesunshineinside Posted: Mar 23, 2018 8:22 PM (UTC)

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Whatever you have got cooking in your heart of hearts and deep in your soul — go for it. Just go for it. 💛✨ Who knows? It may very well work out...
User Image happyheroestribe Posted: Mar 23, 2018 8:17 PM (UTC)

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The entire point of leading someone to success is the domino effect of pushing them to be leaders as well. That is how we dominate the world 🙌🏻 •

#lifeadvice #truthseeker #spiritualinspiration #happyheroes #knowyourworth #socialmedia #mediamarketing #quotesdaily #digitalagency #businesscoach #businesslife
User Image earthisaplane Posted: Mar 23, 2018 8:12 PM (UTC)

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Edit: This is a south facing photograph, that's why it's opposite of the illustration.
The scientific method has 4 steps:

1. Observation and description of a phenomenon or group of phenomena. (Sun and moon in the same daytime sky)
2. Formulation of an hypothesis to explain the phenomena. (The sun and moon in the same daytime sky can only happen on a flat earth with a 5° variance in the 2 ecliptics)
3. Use of the hypothesis to predict the existence of other phenomena, or to predict quantitatively the results of new observations.(the sun and moon are close and illuminate locally, and circle overhead around the north)
4. Performance of experimental tests of the predictions by several independent experimenters and properly performed experiments.
If the experiments bear out the hypothesis it may come to be regarded as a theory or law of nature.

So everyone that's interested in proving this, do this experiment and use to cross reference your observations.
#zeteticastronomy #researchflatearth #earthisarealm #earthisaplane #connectingthedots #conscious #truthseeker #flatearth #nasalies
User Image happyheroestribe Posted: Mar 23, 2018 8:08 PM (UTC)

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Taking a leap of faith is anything but effective if yours leaping in the wrong direction. Change your pace and change your direction and your baby steps will transform into leaps by itself 🙏🏻 •

#lifeadvice #truthseeker #spiritualinspiration #happyheroes #knowyourworth #socialmedia #mediamarketing #quotesdaily #digitalagency #businesscoach #businesslife

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