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I hate waiting to be honest. I don't like traffic. I try to find the shortest lines at the checkout, and even my electric kettle that I use for tea can feel too long. "Being still," is very difficult. Sometimes waiting can be the little things like I mentioned above, and other times it can be life-changing situations. In both cases of waiting, we can hardly stand it. ⠀
Sometimes God uses waiting, and we don't understand why. Then, sometimes we do understand and just don't like it. We complain our way through it. That is a very miserable way to go about it. The truth is that God's timing is always perfect. There is always a purpose for our waiting. Many times, He uses it to sanctify us. ⠀
As we wait, we get a good sense of our humanity. Though we feel like we are in control much of the time, when we are forced to be still, we realize how dependent we are on God. Waiting teaches us patience, and how to rest in God. It teaches us humility and a Christ-likeness that we would not have apart from the waiting, Though we don't like it. We can remind ourselves that waiting seasons are ultimately good for us. ⠀
We are slowly being made more like Christ, through every changing season of life. This we can be thankful for. I am personally waiting for a doctor's visit because I am sick with a sinus infection. I don't like it. But it reminds me of the consequences of the fall of Adam and Eve. Sickness is a result of their disobedience. However, it also makes me look forward to no more sickness in heaven, because of what Christ has done. Ask God to show you how to be thankful in times of waiting. One constant truth is that you will be santified.
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Have ye not known? have ye not heard? hath it not been told you from the beginning? have ye not understood from the foundations of the earth?
Isaiah 40:21 KJV
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