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I can’t believe lil’ baby Gavin is 1 today. 😭😭 You broke this cold heart towards little babies when I met you Gav. My love for you has only GROWN this past year since meeting you. I love your funny personality, I love it when you stare deeply into things and people just so intrigued by everything. You are just the sweetest little beef cake and I love you with all my heart. ❤️😘 #angelbaby #beef #Gavy #firstbday
My mom told me to sit up on this rock and look at the Parthenon. Then she took the picture. #truehomie
Known this kid for a hot minute now but didn't start hanging out till last year so just wanted to say thanks for being there through the good and the bad #truehomie #pandasuit @_j.robb_
Drink some coffee. Put on some gangster rap and handle it. My barista bro @tristanb_13 #truehomie
Shoutout to my son he bought a SNES to resell and used that money to buy me a 2-day pass for Rolling Loud to go with him 😭😭 So catch me at Rolling Loud in December. #thankful #truehomie #rollingloud #cantwait #itsonlythebeginning #hehasnoideawhatscominghisway #shooketh
wuuugs 1w ago
Rip Grape will be missed. Our hearts will never fully heal from the hurt that we feel. I literally awoke from and nap and now I see this. Life, why? #grapekun #ripbirdie #truehomie #atleasthediedinlove
I know I'm a day late homie but didn't have time to post this but Happy birthday to the homie @phoraone feels like yesterday the Yours Truly team was performing in Norwalk at at a backyard show and it's crazy to see you grow from day one that I supported you from rocking tiny shows with like 20-30 people to having a record deal selling out venues across the us all over man couldn't more proud will always support you still buys clothing and your CDs from you cause that's how I am man so many memories with you homie some of the best that I have gee thank for all of them and once again thank you for real and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER #yourstruly #yourstrulyteam #supportsincedayone #truehomie #dayonehomie #happybirthday #nevergiveuponyourdreams #realhomie
Family is the best medicine :3
Thanks @fredyfizzy for doing your sassy voice for us all the way from CA and telling us about your amazing glazed biscuits xD #lolz

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