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User Image iheartthemagic Posted: Mar 20, 2018 9:30 PM (UTC)

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I don’t usually do this but I’d like to say that @drewbarrymore is totally who I want to be when I grow up. There are so many people in the public eye that simply insist on maintaining a flawless photoshopped image...but this fierce lady is truly unapologetically her AUTHENTIC SELF! Now that’s a role model right there. #truebeauty #momlife #wisewordsfromawisewoman #myhollywoodhero #drewbarrymore P.S. No-Makeup Drew is the prettiest person in the world!
One of the most common questions brides ask us when we begin an appointment is: “How will I know when I’ve found the one?” Find the gown that reflects WHO you are, the STYLE that reflects your wedding, and the FEELING that you are going to amaze not only your fiancé and guests, but yourself with how CONFIDENT you are in your gown.
Click the link in our bio to set up your bridal consultation.
#happyshopping #bride #confidence #truebeauty #bridebeautiful #BBofAtlBride #behappy #love #weddingtips #weddinginspo #protips #findyourperfectgown #engaged
User Image mollygjrandall Posted: Mar 20, 2018 8:57 PM (UTC)

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It may be cold and snowy outside on this first day of Spring, but we are staying warm and in good spirits! The early daffodils and the last bit of our #tubbytodd are helping a tooon. 🌼🛁🌼
User Image ebuffy Posted: Mar 20, 2018 8:38 PM (UTC)
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ebuffy 1h ago
Not gussied, just real. And real is beautiful too. -
I see Instagram feeds with models, perfect professional photos, and sometimes I think, whooooaaaa that looks like the, facial structure 😆😜, body, etc. It can trick you...if you let it. -
But a picture only captures a tiny bit of reality. A LOT goes into that "perfect" look, which most of us rarely have time for. Like with my red shirt pic from last post, here is how it happened: -
👉🏻 I took an hour and a half to shower, dry hair, do my own makeup and curl my hair.
(Side note, I was sweating beyond belief because really, this was not enough time, and I was rushing like the dickens.)
👉🏻 I had coordinated with Brad so that I could have 3-4 hours of an “off Mom duty” afternoon
👉🏻 I paid a professional photographer to take my pics. -
😲😲 But, did the resulting picture make me feel good? Yeah, you bet!! #notgonnalie Everyone should have a few days where they get all gussied up and someone good takes their pics. Just do it -
But most days, I look like this ^^^ and my morning goes like this:
👉🏻Maybe I shower but I NEVER dry my hair and it gets frizzy
👉🏻 I take 5-10 minutes to moisturize, and use a tiny bit of concealer & sheer foundation. 👉🏻That’s it 👉🏻THEN
I have to do 100 things for the family.
I have to go.
👉🏻That's it.
So I show you this because it's important to like and show both sides of yourself. And to show others the real “behind the scenes.” -
Allow yourself to get primped & shiny but please love & show both versions. The shiny & the raw. Celebrate both versions every day. Having that balance and acceptance is true beauty. -
#beauthentic #nomakeupday #realbeauty #beautycounter #greenbeautycommunity #greenbeauty #beautyredefined #nofilter #beautyiswithin #truebeauty #balanced
User Image charmainejoiecouture Posted: Mar 20, 2018 8:14 PM (UTC)

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Appreciate @rainwater_farm for their sponsorship for our gift bags to VIP & models. @ocfashionweek , March 25 @hhrooftopbar At @marriottirvinespectrum Love 💗 the high quality pure ingredients & love put into these beauty products. Nothing better than nature’s best for your body & face! Organic Beauty care available at . So worth it for your skin & body! 💯 @rainwater_farm @charmainejoiecouture #pure #organic #beauty #skincare #luxurylifestyle #couture #designer #imworthit #knowyourworth #IamPower #BeKind #TrueBeauty #BossLady #Nothing.Is.Impossible Thx to @edydmedina !
User Image _artsyfartsy._ Posted: Mar 20, 2018 8:10 PM (UTC)

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Yep, I'm slow. Still catching up.
Day 18: I'm inspired by...
My mom.

She's been through hell and back more times than I can count and yet she never let it change her gigantic heart. She's one hell of a tough cookie and she's my best friend.
#theendophotochallenge2018 #endosister #endo #endometriosis #iam1in10 #1in10 @chronicallytilly #mom #toughcookie #strokesurvivor #truebeauty #biggestheartever #endometriosisawarenessmonth @myendostory
User Image shinebyheidi Posted: Mar 20, 2018 8:03 PM (UTC)

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Welcome Spring! What are you looking forward to most this spring? 🌷Spring is my favorite season! I love the warmer weather, blooming flowers and the beautiful spring colors. 🌷
Spirited Lip Gloss is a beautiful shade of peach and perfect for spring. I love the creamy smooth gloss that isn’t tacky or sticky, has just a hint of color and a delightful vanilla scent. It’s moisturizing and conditioning formula is perfect to recover from the dry cold winter. Link in Bio: Use Heidi10 to save.

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