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Hey 😊 I aspire to be that pig 😂😂😂 the thing is... We all go through tragedy's in life! Heart break! Watching a love one who never could love you with someone else... Watching someone else have what you could never get from them...! Its hard when all that s*** happens! It really is s***! You know what?! Life is s***! Truth is theirs always going to be downs! Theirs always going to be jealousy! Where human! That why! We don't think good enough in ourselves! Then we see someone else and think "why can't I just be like them?" Well look around! You have what you need! You have your amazing friends who would kill for you! Believe it or not your beautiful! To be hones the people who put lots of make up on are just hiding the fact on how ugly they really are! So next time someone says your ugly and their slapped on with make up just laugh turn around and say "thanks!!!" Be proud your not like that! Relationships are hard to go through! You know what?! You wouldn't be who you are today! The strong willed! Without all that heart ache! We all go through it! Why don't we help each other?! Why don't we listen?! We all have trust issues! We don't believe in ourselves enough! That why! Believe in yourself and you can accomplish miracles! It what we was born for! To make miracles! Why not make it happen?! Love and care for you all 😘 #positive #positivity #inspire #inspiration #inspirational #true #quote #tag #dailyinscpiration #ucandoit #you #can #do #it #bestrong #strong #depression #ibelieveinyou #i #believe #in #you #positivevibes

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