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Arthur turns two soon... and boy are the terrible twos kicking in!! He is ruining my wall paper!
#mainecoon #trouble #troublemaker #wallpaper #killer #terribletwos
Hello little one 😻Auntie loves you already soooo much
Awe, just look at that swollen mug. Poor baby-boy got into some trouble in the yard tonight & ended up at his first emergency vet visit @westvet_idaho. He swelled up so fast, within 30 mins... his lips were ginormous, his head was covered in hives & his eyes were closing up. Took this 1 hour post-steroids & Benadryl. I'm so thankful that we got him in right away & SO relieved that he's going to be okay! This could've been so much worse. Vito says: "Me thninkth it wath a thpider, mama!" I only wish we knew for sure. **sigh** We better set up insurance for this guy, quick! #vitothedane #troublemaker

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