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Nature is not the one and only reason for traveling. For example,in Buenos Aires you can find lots of street and modern art. The one of the best examples is Floralis Generica located next to Law Faculty of BA university. It opens during at dawn and closes at dusk. The same way its natural family does.
User Image artemis.ddee Posted: Jan 22, 2018 2:45 AM (UTC)

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What's my family's connection to the Tower of London? Strap in kids, it's story time. I barely made it to the Tower before my time was up in London. I squeezed in a Yeoman tour on my last 1/2 day, and I am super glad I did. The tour ended in the chapel, but I was a little unsatisfied since I hadn't seen the bust or a plaque- or any public mentioning, really- of Sir Thomas More. I wanted a picture that I could show my parents. Here comes the personal connection: my father and brother are named after him! My Yeoman was busy answering questions, but I saw two others standing off to the side and asked them why I was searching. At first, they pointed me in the direction of the Queen's House (which is what you see here) and mentioned that it was believed that he was held in the Bell Tower nearby. With a glance at his watch to calculate the arrival of the next tour, he had me follow him back towards the chapel where he led me into one of the rooms not open to the public (which, upon further research is allowed, as they're allowed to act within their own discretion) and showed me where his remains were kept and gave me a little more context to More's stay at the Tower. I was so, so, so grateful to him for giving me that experience. (Like... walked out of the grounds almost in tears I was so thankful 😂)

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User Image ordinarycreature Posted: Jan 22, 2018 2:37 AM (UTC)
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That time we chased the sunset.
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