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User Image transfersnow Posted: Nov 12, 2017 9:53 PM (UTC)
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🕹 So nice you tweak it twice! 🕹
Cop double the amount of snow and twice the chances of popping methods like these with our guide to Central Hokkaido, and while you're at it take @boostaus up on their Double Data Boost so you can foam over shots of their team rider @natejohnstone like this ... Head to for more tweakin' and more seekin' ➡️ (link in bio)
#transfersnow #japan #centralhokkaido #furano #powder #method #boostmobile | 📸 @jerometanon / @ripcurl_aus
User Image mountainwatch Posted: Nov 9, 2017 5:05 AM (UTC)
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Spray it, don’t say it! The definitive guide to Japan, by our friends at @transfersnow, does away with chit-chat and leads you straight into the best turns of your life. Browse the guide at 👉🏼 (Link in bio) 🏂 @willjackways 📷 Keats | @offshoresnowshapes
#mountainwatch #transfersnow #japan #powder #snowboarding
User Image transfersnow Posted: Nov 8, 2017 5:21 AM (UTC)
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🌡 Enter the inner sanctum of a seasonal working class rider in Salt Lake City, a story written at the same time we were escaping one of the worst heatwaves on the record books back home on Australia’s East Coast. Featuring up-and-coming rider @seanmacphee, as told by @ryanjones 🌡
🌎 Head to to see if these two remain in-scathed 👉🏼 (Link in bio)
#transfersnow #transfertravel #snowboarding #saltlakecity #utah #stuffensummer
User Image lebent_ Posted: Nov 7, 2017 6:47 AM (UTC)
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🏔 High up in the hills that surround Seattle, in the Pacific Northwest are a community of snowboarder’s who label themselves as ‘The Outsiders’ 🏔 Come with us as we immerse ourselves in a society of fringe dwellers as we quieten our minds and seek nothing more in our day-to-day routines, than to ride our snowboards.
🌎 Head to to discover the PNW’s Fringe Dwellers. 👉🏼 (Link in bio)
@eanwood @jordaningmire @capitasupercorp @capita_union_ausnz #transfersnow #transfertravel #snowboarding #pacificnorthwest
🔊 If ya haven’t heard, snowboarding’s most elaborate spectacle - @airandstyle will be taking place in Sydney in August 2018. To celebrate, we’re chucking up this signature huck from the ‘Godfather’ (@teevee68 ) as he launches above the deck of The Newport Arms.
Name the trick being performed and the year this shot was taken, and we’ll send you a Transfer shirt that’s guaranteed to get you back stage at Shaun’s Big Air bash 🎟
@airandstylesydney @vintagesnowboardstoke | #transfersnow #snowboarding #crankmag #airandstylesydney
🌶 Call in Zion, call it Eldorado, call in Mecca but however you say it, it spells the word épico 🌶
We ask the question, hell, why haven’t more Aussies and Kiwi’s made the pilgrimage to our neighbouring land in the Southern Hemisphere? From powder to point breaks, Chile might just be the best place on earth period. So where the bloody hell are ya? 🌎 Head to to explore your next riding destination. 👉🏼 (Link in bio)
@ripcurl_aus @natejohnstone | #transfersnow #transfertravel #snowboarding #Chile #ValleNevado
User Image themountaingarage Posted: Nov 1, 2017 10:06 PM (UTC)
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Shop rider @seanmacphee and photog @ryanjones are turning into quite the Power Couple 👬 Check them out in this latest short, and also in the newest @transfersnow magazine!! #snowboarding #perisher #transfersnow
User Image scarter5000 Posted: Oct 23, 2017 8:17 AM (UTC)
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Got a couple last minute runs in today at @mt_buller !! Nice to see snow left on the ground on October 23rd !! Going to miss you winter and a big Thanks to all our friends for shredding with the Carter's this year ! And thanks @billykeir for the #mansfieldskatepark skate today
User Image transfersnow Posted: Oct 31, 2017 11:24 PM (UTC)
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This year the tribe came together to storm Thredbo resort in search of mind-altering turns, side hits and speed laps. 🌯About time you met the crew that fed them 🌯 Full feature live in the Transfer Digital issue 👉🏼 (Link in Bio) @amyskitchenau 📹 @thredboresort
#fuelledbyamys #transfersnow #snowboarding #amyskitchenau
User Image transfersnow Posted: Oct 30, 2017 1:47 AM (UTC)
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🤽‍♂️Toss that Lonely Planet straight out the window of your Kei car, ‘cause we’ve got the real-deal sticky on where to score in Japan. 🇯🇵 that’s right, we’re live with our definitive snowboarding guide to Japan - head to to explore our latest digital instalment. 👉🏼 (link in bio) p.s word is that it’s snowing in Japan right now.... time to drain that wallet!
📷 Keats 🔥 @offshoresnowshapes
#transfersnow #transfertravel #snowboarding #Japan
User Image transfersnow Posted: Oct 27, 2017 9:31 PM (UTC)
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💎 Gems from the vault - Thrasher, Aug ‘94 💎 As we sit here in the limbo months, awaiting our next trips to the Northern Hemisphere - we’re reminiscing of the 90s crossover phenomena, and somewhat hoping for its revival - but surely not of this kind.
Here extreme NorCal boastmaster Pat Black commits a cardinal sin, and is sentenced to 20 lashes with the canvas belt.
Quit dreamin’, get turnin’ - head to to find your next riding destination. ➡️ (link in bio) 💾 Research + development courtesy of @jimrichardturvey and his collection of skateboard paraphernalia
@thrashermag @sims_snowboards @vintagesnowboardstoke @digmyquiver
#transfersnow #thrasher #1994 #snowboarding #donts
User Image kartel_bestiya Posted: Oct 27, 2017 6:47 AM (UTC)
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Проверили готовность к сезону?🤔Листай👆ВСЁ ли есть?
✍️Куртка, штаны, комбез, сноуборд, боты, крепы, толстовка, флисовка, термобельё, термоноски, маска, балаклава, бандана, перчи, варежки, шлем, чехлы, защита ???
🤔А трос с замком ? 📌Картель & Бестия. Диктатуры, 34 ☎2-270-278
Еще больше предложений ✒
#крск #красноярск #бобровыйлог #дивный #дивногорск #саланга #горнаясаланга #гладенькая #при #приисковый #байкальск #сопка #катка #snb #snowshop #kartel_bestiya #spyoptics #quiksilver #dcshoes #airhole #transfersnow
User Image transfersnow Posted: Oct 25, 2017 2:57 AM (UTC)
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💨 Blower as pure as the driven snow. 💨
Cop some of this wapow action this winter with out definitive guide to Japan. Head over to to explore our latest digital instalment. 👉🏼 (Link in bio)
📷 Keats | @offshoresnowshapes
#transfersnow #transfertravel #snowboarding #Japan
User Image mountainwatch Posted: Oct 24, 2017 11:29 PM (UTC)
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Getting hungry for powder? It’s been a couple of weeks now since we got our last fix and can’t wait to head over to the Northern Hemisphere soon to begin the search. If you really want to score, you’ve got to hit the road and who better to give you some insider tips on finding the goods in Canada than snowboard photographer @colin_wise_man, along with rider Kale Martin (@hippy_turns) and Canada’s favourite boarder @mariefranceroy. Checkout @transfersnow’s guide to Canada BC 👉🏼 (Link in bio).... it’s FREE!
@patagonia @patagoniaaus | #transfersnow #transfertravel #snowboarding #canada
User Image yamasocietygloveco Posted: Oct 24, 2017 11:16 AM (UTC)
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What we’d rather be doing #snowboarding #yamasociety
#Repost @transfersnow
🔨 Bring that (powder) hammer down! 🔨 All of that Spring park lap porn is going to have to take a hike, 'cause our sister operation @mountainwatch has just alerted us that 40-80cm of this gear is set to fall across Australian resorts on Monday and Tuesday alone. With more later in the week, which means we'll probably have rideable snow here in Oz 'till Christmas. 🎄Who's going to start the Australian Summer Camp, we're looking at you @tab_snowboardcamps 📷 @andrew_fawcett 🔨 @bryanwfox 🌶 @quiksilver
#transfersnow #snowtember #wedoweathernow #snowboarding #australia
User Image liquidsnowtours Posted: Oct 23, 2017 3:32 AM (UTC)
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The new @transfersnow digital edition mag is out and it’s off the charts! It includes their definitive guide to snowboarding Japan! Click the link in our bio to check it out!