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User Image warnawarni_islam Posted: Jan 20, 2018 7:39 AM (UTC)

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Takut Allah

Sesungguhnya mereka itu tidak lain hanyalah syaitan yang menakut-nakuti (kamu) dengan kawan-kawannya (orang-orang musyrik Quraisy), karena itu janganlah kamu takut kepada mereka, tetapi takutlah kepada-Ku, jika kamu benar-benar orang yang beriman [Ali Imrân/3:175]

Takut hanya kepada Allah Ta'ala sebab Dia yang menciptakan kita

beranilah kepada setan sebab ia musuh yang nyata bagi kita 😈👎👎👎

Ajarkan sejak kecil ilmu tauhid niscaya sudah besar ia akan menjadi ulama hebat

BarakAllah fikum @alwiassegaf03
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Silahkan Repost, Semoga Bermanfaat😊😊😊
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User Image lgbt.whaless Posted: Jan 20, 2018 7:38 AM (UTC)

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The little sister sounds like me-Cedar💕
User Image lgbtyikes Posted: Jan 20, 2018 7:35 AM (UTC)

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I ! Cannot ! Explain ! How ! Happy ! This ! Makes ! Me !
I don't think I've ever been happier about a cannon trans character (especially one played by a trans actor!) than I am about Casey Parker, aka, @alexbluedavis who is just absolutely amazing and I'm glad Grey's Anatomy has introduced me to him and his other content. I've been watching grey's anatomy since I was a small boi bc I'd always catch bits of it here and there when my mom would watch it and have been in love with the characters ever since. Something I absolutely loved about how the show revealed him as trans is that they wait to the end of the episode after he has done all of these amazing things for the hospital and the watchers have already gained an opinion of him. :) It shows that he is so much more than his gender! Representation sure feels good. I hope so badly that this will possibly open up the heart of my v transphobic cousin who is a big fan of Grey's Anatomy as well. I'm not getting my hopes up tho...😂 Besides, I can choose my friends and I can choose my family. If they won't accept me, then others will have me. (some wise words by @boyinaband right there.)
And of course you can follow the handsome man, aka an actual King aka @alexbluedavis. That is his Instagram in the last slide. Have a good day everyone!
#lgbt #lgbtq #transgender #transman #trans #ftm #greysanatomy #greysanatomyfan #caseyparker #shondaland #shondarhimes

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