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User Image lpsupport_ausnz Posted: Jan 17, 2018 4:42 AM (UTC)

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Regram from @lpsupport_global - Create a balanced workout plan with different types of exercises to boost your overall well-being. #workouttoday #RockYourLimits
User Image ninjanurse_jhoney12 Posted: Jan 17, 2018 5:23 AM (UTC)

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"I love running in the dark. It's the time of the day that isn't YESTERDAY and it is not quite TODAY. It is my in-BETWEEN space, where the problems of yesterday don't matter anymore, and the possibilities of today are yet to rise" Running through the nights and logging in some miles before the winter storm hits.
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User Image fleur_bleue Posted: Jan 17, 2018 5:16 AM (UTC)
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Good news: My best pace ever! 🙌
Bad news: Crappy breathing & and a weak core = side stitches.
Time to really learn/master proper breathing techinque while running & get back on track with my strength training (I've definitely lost core strength these last 5 months 😒) to help avoid these side stitches. I also deal with exercise-induced asthma, so probably even more reason to get it figured out. So.... two new goals to work on. 😉
Opted for change of scenery for my training run today. When I was done, I went home to grab Bella 🐶 and headed out to catch the sunset. 😍🌄 Tips to prevent a side stitches:
>>Warming up is required. A casual running warm-up prepares not only the muscles, but also promotes optimal breathing.
>>Start slowly and increase your speed. A side stitch is a signal that your body is overwhelmed.
>>A side stitch occurs more frequently in sports where the upper body is heavily involved – running, swimming or horse back riding. A well-trained core reduces rotational movements in the trunk of the body. The internal organs are actively supported and you are less prone to cramps. By the way: a strong trunk not only improves your running efficiency, but also prevents injuries.
>>Strong abs; In a study, researchers found out that well-trained oblique muscles help prevent a side stitch. Five to ten minutes of daily abs training can pay off.
>>Control your breathing. With increased running speed, your body needs more oxygen. Irregular and shallow breathing can especially lead to a side stitch. As is an efficient stride, the breathing rhythm is also crucial.
>>Ideal breathing texhnique while running:
Inhale for three steps, exhale for two, inhale for three steps, exhale for two. Finally, of course, try out your rhythmic breathing on a run—inhaling for three footstrikes and exhaling for two. A few key points: Inhale and exhale smoothly and continuously through both your nose and mouth at the same time.
User Image habestore Posted: Jan 17, 2018 5:19 AM (UTC)

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User Image bomb_cyclone_ocr Posted: Jan 17, 2018 5:15 AM (UTC)

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I disagree, Dean Wormer from ANIMAL HOUSE: Fat, drunk & stupid sounds like an amazing way to go through life.

#RunningSucksDoItAnyway #HeartOfALionLegsOfAChicken
We live in an incredible country with amazing mountains that are so untouched. So stoked that these trails are so “unknown”!but also sad that for an outdoors kind of country the trails in the drakensberg continue to be so underused. Especially in this day and age with we all need to unplug from time to time. Zoom in and see the incredible #needle at the top of this peak. #zerolimits #explore #drakensberg #kzn #southafrica #outdoors #camping #hiking #hike #run #trail #trailrun #singletrack #walk #sky #skyporn #mountains #mountainrunning #ultra #fitness #fit #sharmanultraathlete #unplugged #alone #wilderness #peace #peaceful #clouds #cloudporn
Oldie but goldie! Das Bild habe ich gerade beim Durchklicken meiner alten Lauffotos gefunden. Das ist von 2015 vom @vivawestmarathon in Gelsenkirchen kurz vor dem Start. Das ist übrigens auch der Grund, warum ich noch so verpennte Augen habe ;-D Hier bin ich meinen ersten Halbmarathon zusammen mit @frolleinkokolores gelaufen. Die Geschichte, wie es dazu kam, finde ich ganz schön. 2014 bin ich beim VivaWest meinen ersten Halbmarathon überhaupt gelaufen. Janine stand an der Strecke im Zielbereich und war total begeistert von der Stimmung unter den Zuschauen. Kurz danach hat sie gesagt: "Nächstes Jahr laufen wir hier zusammen". Und das haben wir dann auch getan. Es war eine wunderbare Erfahrung und hat richtig viel Spaß gemacht. Einfach ein Moment, den ich nie mehr vergessen werde. Welche tollen Erinnerungen habt ihr an spezielle Wettkkämpfe und warum?

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