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‼️BEST OF 2017‼️
Ok boys & girls.
No photo Challenge this month. Instead take the time to tag your best photos of 2017. Tag up to 10 photos!
Have a great 2018!
⬇️Use the tag⬇️
Here are the rules:
1️⃣Follow @ToyGroup_Alliance
2️⃣Photo must be your own photo.
3️⃣Photo must have been posted in 2017.
4️⃣Only 1-10 photos allowed for entry.
Run time is January 1st to 31st. .
Remember, they're toys. Have fun!
The members of ToyGroup_Alliance are:
User Image remember_the_clone_troopers Posted: Jan 24, 2018 12:03 AM (UTC)

13 Normal
I still remember being a fresh shiny out of Kamino being sent to the front lines! I was technically called a replacement to the eyes of all these combat veterans who survived countless battles. These men were battle harden and tested in my eyes.... until that night. We had pulled a company of troopers out from the front lines and took their positions so they could resupply. They had taken loses from the enemy and they needed a break. Our orders were to defend this one area at all costs. We came in through the night and switched out defensive positions. We kept things quite so the enemy had no clue what was going on. It was around midnight when the enemy sent up a white phosphorous flare lighting up our entire area. Then it happened.... those clankers started shelling the whole area. Rounds flew in making trees explode and fall, the ground shook as I heard troopers screaming INCOMING ! GET DOWN! A round hit close to my position forcing me back into the dirt wall knocking the wind out of me! As I caught my breath..... the rounds stopped. Just like that it was over. As I climbed back to my feet all I could hear is screaming echo all throughout the woods followed by others saying Medic! A few mins passed by and the shelling continued! This went on all night. The next morning as I was walking through the snow I saw two troopers..... One was kneeling on the ground while the other trooper was consoling him. I wanted to approach and help but the trooper standing there nodded his head for me to keep moving along. I found out later that the trooper that was on the ground was the sole survivor of his platoon. During the artillery rounds coming in last night, the enemy had those positions marked and fired on them. The only reason he survived is because he was out of his foxhole checking on another trooper. As I sat there listening to this story. I remembered hearing a trooper yell "INCOMING" "GET DOWN!".... I started to wonder if it was him or not as I dug out a new foxhole....
User Image kombatime Posted: Jan 23, 2018 11:55 PM (UTC)

1 Normal
" KYOOOOOO!!!!"......." YAGAMIIIIIII!!!!!!!!"
User Image spectacularbatman Posted: Jan 23, 2018 11:29 PM (UTC)

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