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The very first edition of #TitansTopThings brings you the Top 5 Marvel Cinematic Villains!
During the MCU's successful first near-decade, the one glaring flaw it seems to have is with its villains. They are often portrayed as 1D or 2D characters who only serve to move the plot along.
The MCU is known for its powerful hero-driven tales and as a result, the villains are forced to take a back seat. However there are a very special few that have managed to stand out:
* Honorable mentions: Aldrich Killian and The Red Skull.
* 5️⃣Ego The Living Planet - We not have even considered him to be the villain until near the end but maybe thats what also works for him? He convinced everyone that he was a good guy before revealing his true horrific nature.
* 4️⃣Ultron - Ask any fan about Ultron and you will get 2 answers: Loved him or hated him. I believe he was greatly under-delivered but still interesting enough to warrant a 2nd shot at.
* 🥉Vulture - He was so close to making the top 2 but will have to settle for the bronze. Michael Keaton nailed this performance and he was so well written that you'd have trouble rooting against him. He's just trying to feed his family after getting laid off. Can any of us honestly say we'd do any different in his shoes?
* 🥈Baron Zemo - He gets a lot of flak but mostly because he doesn't have his comic book suit (which almost 90% of all comic book characters don't have these days.) He still managed to pull apart Earth's mightiest heroes like cotton candy.
* 🥇Loki - Quite the obvious choice and even I'm upset I didn't go with a bolder pick. However I'm sticking to it because Loki is the only villain in the mcu thus far to have proper development and even after being the lead baddie TWICE, he still hasn't lost his shine.
There you have it, the very first 5 to be ranked. Now there's no debating this, you HAVE to agree with it, why wouldn't you? Its an awesome list.
Now lets hope by 2018 we can update it with Thanos AND Killlmonger.
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#Masters Bikini 40+ "#Top5" of 16 fabulous competitors in the class this weekend at the #NaturalNorthernUSAs!
I restarted my journey at age 35. I know each of these ladies would have a story to share as well. .
It is never too late or one is too old to reset to a new lifestyle. Refuse to settle! #justkeepgoing
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Creme de Limpeza 3 em 1 e Hidratante Redutor de Linhas de Expressão TimeWise®: se juntos já são ótimos, imagina juntos!
. .
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Chegou a hora da nossa seleta lista de seminovos. 5 veículos escolhidos a dedo com os mais rigorosos critérios para você, enfim, trocar de carro com qualidade e procedência.

Aqui na Maqnelson aceitamos seu veículo de maior valor, fazendo a "troca com troco". Fale com a gente via WhatsApp para mais informações: (34) 99779-7600.

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EM UBERABA: Av. Edilson Lamartine Mendes, 1070 - (34) 3318-9600.

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