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User Image shawnereddic Posted: Jan 19, 2018 2:58 PM (UTC)

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User Image ge_homeandgifts Posted: Jan 19, 2018 2:48 PM (UTC)

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I’ve not been ignoring you lovely lot I promise! I’ve been super busy painting like a crazy lady all of your lovely orders.
Anyway, here’s a little something new for you. Our tooth fairy plaques. Available in stars and hearts and in a wide range of colours. £6.50+p&p #handmade #personalised #Star #heart #supportsmallbusiness #blue #nurserydecor #nurseryinspo #toothfairy #memories
User Image dentistrymyworld1 Posted: Jan 19, 2018 2:41 PM (UTC)

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Oh well, happy friday toothfairies and everyone!! All is well! Time to relax a lil bit 👌🏻 Tag someone 👇🏻 #happyweekend
User Image johntrisharder Posted: Jan 19, 2018 2:35 PM (UTC)

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User Image kjmeert Posted: Jan 19, 2018 2:28 PM (UTC)

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User Image miratonperez Posted: Jan 19, 2018 2:25 PM (UTC)

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A medida que obtienes mayor información, puedes comenzar a sentir que la mayoría de las cosas que llevas a la boca son enemigas del esmalte dental y de las encías. Aunque pueda ser cierto, la buena noticia es que puedes contrarrestar estos daños si sigues los pasos siguientes para lograr una boca saludable, reemplazar los minerales perdidos, mantener dientes fuertes y revertir los daños ocasionados por las bacterias.
✅ CONSEJO N.º 1: Sella sus dientes
El flúor fortalece el esmalte dental y evita el deterioro y la formación de caries en los dientes. Cuando el dentista sella tu dentadura sana le proporciona una fina capa protectora.
✅ CONSEJO N.º 2: Usa hilo dental por lo menos una vez al día
El uso de hilo dental elimina las partículas de alimentos y los residuos bacterianos entre la pieza dental y la encía, por lo que resulta menos probable que las bacterias se adhieran alrededor del diente y se conviertan en sarro, que solo puede ser eliminado por el dentista y por herramientas dentales profesionales.
✅ CONSEJO N.º 3: Reemplaza los cepillos de dientes
Reemplaza tu cepillo de dientes de 3 a 4 veces por año. Asegúrate de usar cepillos de cerdas blandas que tratan con suavidad los dientes y las encías, y no erosionan el esmalte dental ni el tejido de las encías. Considera también el uso de un cepillo de dientes eléctrico, que limpia los dientes de forma eficaz sin resultar demasiado abrasivo.
✅ CONSEJO N.º 4: Enjuágate la boca después de las comidas
El enjuague puede ayudar a desalojar los alimentos adheridos a los dientes o entre la pieza dental y la encía. Si usas un enjuague bucal anticaries fortificado con flúor proteges tus dientes.
@miratonperez 🐭👱🏻‍♀️🤕 Divertidas cajitas para guardar todos los dientes de tus chicos 📦 Colores disponibles: 💙💖💚💜 azul, rosado, verde y morado #mytoothboxfriend #firstlost #firsttooth #toothfairy #keepsake #toothbox #new #primeracaida #primerdiente #miratonperez #cuidalos #guardalos #nuevo #cajitadedientes #colores #caida #mudar #hadadelosdientes #ratonperez
User Image nugget_the_whippet Posted: Jan 19, 2018 2:11 PM (UTC)
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I hope the tooth fairy really exists because I have my eye on a new toy!
User Image jenagster Posted: Jan 19, 2018 2:04 PM (UTC)
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#ProudMamaMoment #RoyalRyane had a wonderful check up and cleaning with Dr. Katie and her staff yesterday!! Get ready, #ToothFairy🧚🏻‍♀️ we’re going to have a super clean tooth for you soon! 😃 #GetThatFairyMoney #FirstLooseTooth #ChillinInTheChair #Dentist #CleanTeeth #CavityFree #MoreFloss #LaterGram #FuturesSoBrightGottaWearShades😎
User Image xjemeves_beadsx Posted: Jan 19, 2018 1:49 PM (UTC)

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How cute are these tooth fairy bracelets for when your little one looses a tooth so cute can't wait to here about the lovely little ladies reaction when she has this under her pillow 😍 this dummy bracelet is for a little girl whos giving up her dummy all lovely little keepsakes of those special milestones 😄💞💓
☆ All can be personalised 😊 DM/email for enquires don't have to stick to these colours 😊😘
#toothfairy #dummy #firsttooth #keepsake #personalised #madewithlove #beads #cute #girls #milestones #pink #purple #bracelets #hearts #sparkle
User Image Posted: Jan 19, 2018 1:34 PM (UTC)

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Ever heard of a first tooth party? We are having one for my daughter on Sunday!
My daughter got her first tooth on Christmas sister found it when Laila went to take a big bite out of her finger. We were so excited and then about 2 weeks later our popped the second tooth!
I promise we aren’t just crazy people who throw a party for no reason...this is actually a tradition in my husband’s culture and there’s even a special food made just for this! And this is the cake topper for the cake that will be made by my crazy talented sister-in-law @doreensuecakes I can’t wait to show off how pretty the cake will be!

Does your family have any fun celebrations that aren’t the “norm”? #cricutmade #momboss #namechange #onesie #customclothes #babyclothes #headbands #pink #laila #bows #headwraps #instababy #instakids #makermom #shoplocal #cricut #flowers
#brampton #madeincanada #firsttooth #firsttoothparty #toothfairy #caketopper
User Image vallevjuan Posted: Jan 19, 2018 1:28 PM (UTC)

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Look out below - is there a dentist in the house? #toothfairy #thatsgoingtoleaveamark #Repost @sportscenter ・・・
A scary moment for Kris Dunn.

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