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Spent the evening with these crazy kids, my nieces and nephews.
Always great to do things with the younger ones, they see life in such a fun way, Although.. treating them to pizza hut after Isaute was a little chaotic. 🤣

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#fun #chaos #tablemanners #toomuchsugar
dc_h4n 1h ago
This haunted house tour comes with a complimentary dentist visit. #halloween #hauntedhouse #toomuchsugar
What to do with cake scraps and leftover icing? Cake scrap jars 😋 .
Chocolate cake
Oreo bits
Strawberry icing
Vanilla cake
Chocolate icing
Fresh chopped strawberries
Gonna have some crazy kids here tonight! 🤪🤣
@madamezoe #leftovers #leftovercake #icing #cakescraps #toomuchsugar
Last night my family and I attended a Halloween party put on by the biggest Halloween enthusiast I know. Every year he outdoes himself, and every year we have an amazing time! And here is a message I posted to my private accountability group close to midnight last night: "FYI.
I went to a Halloween party tonight with the fam.
It was amazingly fun.
I ate like garbage.
I now feel like crap.
Why oh why is it so hard to stay on track -- or only indulge a LITTLE -- when out in social situations????? (Question I am working hard to find the answer to!)" No one is perfect--not even us health and fitness coaches. #justbeingreal
Thankfully I've learned that one indulgent night isn't the be-all, end-all on this journey of mine (especially since they are few and far between) and I'm EXCITED to get back to normal routine today! But my body definitely reminded me why I don't eat tons of junk anymore. 😜 Off to push play on my workout, for sure get in those superfoods, and meal plan for the week! 💛
#happyhalloween #halloweenparty #somuchgoodfood #indulgences #candyholiday #toomuchsugar #idontevenlikecandy #whydidieatsomuch #movingon #familyparty
w__vos 11h ago
Feeling a bit guilty now... but it came with my brunch ... I just had to eat it...

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