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I met this guy when I was about 17. He lived around the corner from me. We learned how to be in bands together. He taught me what it’s like to have, and be, a great male friend. For a long time we did hundreds of shows together and he sung harmonies on my first record. Then our paths went other ways, as paths do. But now I get to play with him every once in awhile and it’s beautiful. But, he bought this 1990 @officialgretsch #duojet brand new in 1991. 6 years later he sold it to me. And it’s been a staple of hundreds of records since. Tonight is the first time he’s played it in over 20 years. A perfect little full circle moment... @setupmyguitar #tonightsgigsituation #gretschguitars
#tonightsgigsituation I could make bass fill in gigs easy for myself, or I could look at it as an opportunity to push myself and practice something I need to be better at. Guess which one I chose tonight? #uprightbass #fenderrumble100 #fenderjazzbass #thebandits
Well there's a first for everything guys! Here we celebrate the one and only @submono and his triple category feature!! The unanimous winner of "Man of the Match" for 5 sellout @rosemount_hotel shows (also the heavy favourite for man of the tour!!) Tireless, talented, patient, efficient, trustworthy & all the good things! Can't say enough! We'd also like to welcome him to our latest episode of "GIG OFFICES EXPOSED" - 7 pairs of ears never felt so good!! And in a new category, he is the first recipient of "GIG BIRTHDAYS CELEBRATED" for the #lowblowstour Happy Birthday Legend! Seriously, the work you put in day & night does not go unnoticed. We love and thank you Josh! #megmac #lowblowstour #joshbarker #apacheproductions #manofthematch #gigofficesexposed #goe #tonightsgigsituation #gearybusey #congratulations #happybirthday #birthdayboy
We have a very special guest today on... yes you guessed it! "GIG OFFICES EXPOSED" Ladies and gentlemen, meet James from Brissie airport!! Cool as a cucumber, this man checked 9 passengers and 40 items into oversize today without breaking a sweat! @virginaustralia if you could only bottle this man's essence! Thank you James and thank you Virgin. 📸@hayleysullivanmcinerney #megmac #lowblowstour #james #essenceofjames #virginaustralia #vatakeoff #velocityrewards #vforvirgin #oversizebaggage #gigofficesexposed #goe #tonightsgigsituation
#tonightsgigsituation. This hybrid setup is being trialled for the first time by me tonight. @fender bass vi split into clean bass and effected guitar amps. Trying to cover two roles tonight with @katiebrianna . Wish me luck!! #fenderbassvi #fenderrumble100 #fenderprojunior
Hi. IT'S BLOODY GIG OFFICES EXPOSED AGAIN!! Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, a hero to all, @mixsmasha of #smashnsound. A sighting in the wild, taming the beast. We love you and it's feels real good TBH #tonightsgigsituation #gearybusey #gigofficesexposed #goe #megmac #lowblowstour
Hi everybody! Guess what? It's that time again! GIG OFFICES EXPOSED!! There she is it's @megmacmusic! Featuring the talented @hannahmcinerney & @danielleosullivan Getting ready to give Bendigo a taste! See you on stage girls ❤️#megmac #lowblowstour #hannah #dani #tonightsgigsituation #gigofficesexposed
#tonightsgigsituation at the SOLD OUT #smithandjones #fleetwoodmac tribute show here in Bathurst. The @metrodrums kit, extended for tonight with the extra floor tom on the left is sounding A-MAZING!! It's gonna be awesome! @dreamcymbals @meinlcymbals #metrodrumcompany @zildjiancompany
Someone let me back in this mother flipping band! K Mizzle and his triumphant return to @lakerstavern_insta with @wgjscouts Feat. @claybo76 and @spawno72 now with 33.3% more talky talky and 100% more rum and red bull. #tonightsgigsituation
Last night I got to stand on stage with a bunch of my heroes and play incredible songs to a full house. I was about as happy as I could be. Thanks @shanenicholson for having me be a little part of your launch gig. And thanks to @turtlerocksydney for the amazing picture. #happyday #tonightsgigsituation
Last night's gig situation was all about the double Gretsch. And even though I'm a hamfisted lefty, I got to play both. #gretschdrums #gretsch #murphyslore #tonightsgigsituation #lefthanded
#tonightsgigsituation contrary to how it looks, I'm actually playing bass tonight with the legend that is Mike McClellan. Not a bad band either with Scotty Aplin, Matt Fell, Glen Hannah and Steve Fearnley. And me on harmonica on one song. Fun fun!!