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User Image dammy5ive Posted: Jan 24, 2018 10:13 AM (UTC)
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User Image jennifertag Posted: Jan 24, 2018 10:11 AM (UTC)

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Yeah I’m a Tone It Up Girl💪 #tiubootycall was Love your totally body, 5 Toning Moves and 15 minuets on the elliptical ✨ Make today amazing 💕 #toneitup #tiuteam #tiuloveyourbody @karenadawn @toneitup @katrinaascott
User Image incsports Posted: Jan 24, 2018 10:05 AM (UTC)

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Need that extra boost of energy to take your training sessions to the next level?
@thefitpharmacist_ uses our @insports Preworkout to get the most out of her sessions. It has been formulated to give you power, strength and help you perform at your peak.
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User Image shaunaharringtonxo Posted: Jan 24, 2018 10:01 AM (UTC)

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FUELLLL on the go 🍫🍫 On the bus to college 🤓📚 No sugar like other cereal bars 🙏🏼
Vegan & gluten free 😋 Tastes lush 👌🏼✨ #ChocolateForBreaky
User Image sarahalicetiu Posted: Jan 24, 2018 9:57 AM (UTC)

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Workout = done ✅👊🏼 So strange but this week I'm all about the PM workout not the AM, I'm taking it 🙋🏻 any workout is better than no workout right?! Who else's legs are SO sore from all the kettlebell swings like what, two days ago?!! I'm rolling pain away ALL over to try and help 😭😂 I would LOVE to know girls, what's your NUMBER ONE ☝🏼 TIP for getting in your AM workout? Ima need some inspo over here!!
User Image smbeiswanger Posted: Jan 24, 2018 9:45 AM (UTC)

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Water 💧 Wednesday .
Do you know how much water you should be drinking daily? .
Take your weight, divide by ✌🏻, and that’s how many ounces of water per day you should shoot for 😊 .
▪️It increases energy ⚡️
▪️It increases metabolism, thus promoting weight loss ⬇️
▪️Helps build and repair muscle 💪🏻
▪️It’s great for the skin 👶🏼
▪️It boosts your immune system ⬆️
▪️It’s flushes toxins ☣️
▪️It’s great for your joints🧘🏼‍♀️
▪️It helps maintain your pH balance ⚖️
▪️It promotes regularity and aids digestion 🚽
#goals #determined #fitlife #toneitup #noexcuses #momswithmuscles #fitmoms_inspire #fitmama #riseandgrind #fitwomen #empower #thesweatlife #personalgrowth #inspiration #sopowerful #investinyourself #healthylife #believeinyourself #bepositive #habits #happy #motivation #beachbody #beachbodycoach #energize #80DO #getobsessed #pushpastyourlimits #waterwednesday
User Image gymmotivation.gymlife Posted: Jan 24, 2018 9:43 AM (UTC)

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happy transformation tuesday, friends!!
this picture was a little difficult for me to look at because I'm still in a funk and trying to get back down to my lowest weight on this journey so far (290 lbs, btw). it's disappointing to see my progress stall but, I'm fighting to get back to where I was and keep going further!
weight-loss isn't linear and that's something difficult I've learned throughout this journey so far. although, I would have loved to lose a ton of weight super quickly, I know that that's not healthy nor sustainable for myself. I'm trying to create a new lifestyle and something that I will follow for the rest of my life.
it is OKAY if you stall, plateau, or even gain some weight back! you have lost weight before and you can do it again. whatever you are battling (eating disorder, mental health, etc.), you are stronger than it! we can get through this, make progress, and create a healthier lifestyle! just keep pushing forward 💪🏼💚
edit: 345 is not my highest weight! It was 370 👍🏼
edit 2.0: this dress is from Forever 21+! /
User Image juleslovespilates Posted: Jan 24, 2018 9:27 AM (UTC)

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What a #tiugirl takes to the office. Food, food and more food 😅
I know I'm not in the check-in game lately, but there are just so many things I'm juggling, that social media has only a very limited space in my head. I'm still here tho, killin it 💪🏻
M1 (disappeared magically before snapping a pic): chocolate cinnamon protein shake
M2: coconut ONOs with pomegranate
M3: beetroot & apple salad + red lentil stew + 1/2 wholewheat pita
M4: beet chocolate minimuffins + oatmilk cappuccino
🍑📞 DMs + yesterday's new ab WO
User Image fit_han3 Posted: Jan 24, 2018 9:17 AM (UTC)

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New favorite way to make salmon was discovered tonight!! Oh my goodness. 🤤
Not only is this #tiulife making me healthy from the inside out, it is doing it in STYLE with such delicious foods I can't even handle it! 🙌🏼👌🏼😆🤗💕
This is my gorgeous R.S.V.P. (Roasted Veggie Salmon Plate) for M5 today!) 💁🏻🙌🏼😍
#tuiteam @toneitup #toneitup #tiubride #loveyourself #eatwell #bewell #love #salmon #kale #garlic #asparagus #restaurantstyle #loveyourbody #absaremadeinthekitchen

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