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Sparta boss getting his body detox by Dr. Ibrahim #rhythmhive #tommyleesparta #tommylee #thetropixs
Metal Heroes
Chapter 10

As villagers freaked out with Eddie’s appearance, Lionheart stepped up to calm them down. She didn’t wanted them to feel threatened, especially by Eddie despite the fact he was half demon. She was the Queen of Albion after all, and it was her duty to keep the land and the people safe from harm. “Listen up!” Lionheart commented as she raised her hand up high for a moment, “Do not fear! They are on our side. As Queen of Albion, they are welcomed to Albion as honored guests. Albion is under attack, so with these guys with our army, we should be able to take out Lionwhyte and keep Albion and Brutal Lands safe, I’ll promise you that. Let’s do this!” With that said, everyone roared in cheers as the queen had made a promise. Lionheart was loved here, especially after saving the world from Lucien taking over the Tattered Spire. After making her speech, she dismissed the crowd, before seeing her husband, Crusoe, and their sons, Viktor and Logan coming to her. “Mon amour, you’re back!” Crusoe commented as he gave Lionheart a kiss. “Your husband?” Eddie asked Lionheart “Yes.” Lionheart commented, “Everyone, this is my husband, my mon amour, Crusoe, and these are my sons, Viktor and Logan. Say Hi, boys.” “Hello there.” Viktor said as he waved. “H-hi.” Logan commented shyly. “Mon amour? What’s that?” Ophelia commented with confusion. “In English please?” Lita added in. “Oh, mon amour, it means my love in French.” Crusoe commented with a smile as he grinned holding Lionheart’s hand.
Ophelia couldn’t help but hold Eddie’s hand for a moment as she was feeling warm with him. Eddie looked over at her with a dopey grin. Suddenly, it wasn’t long until he pulled her close to him and they made out. (End of Chapter 10)
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