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User Image robynboynton Posted: Jan 16, 2018 1:30 AM (UTC)

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It’s back! The original Tom Green Beer! And it’s tasting fo fresh and so fine. I’ve missed this wonderful Milk Stout. 5.0% and so sweet and so smooth. Cheers! @tomgreen @beausallnatural #🐮 #tomgreenbeer #milkstout #stout #beaus #beausarmy #ontariocraftbeer #craftbeer #craftnotcrap #beerphotos #beer #beerlife #tomgreen
User Image highnoonent Posted: Jan 16, 2018 12:50 AM (UTC)

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The premiere of Giant America tonight @ 9:30C 🤘🏽#Repost @tomgreen with @get_repost
Hey gang I have a new TV show about GIANT THINGS! Everybody tune in to @travelchannel: #GiantAmerica! I’m hitting the road in search of the biggest creations in America — This special episode airs Jan. 15 at 9:30|8:30c! This was so much fun! Can’t wait for you to see my awesome new show!
User Image aarongoodwin Posted: Jan 15, 2018 10:19 PM (UTC)

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I'm so excited for this. Check out #tomgreen new show on #travelchannel tonight!!! #giantamerica 🤓
User Image highnoonent Posted: Jan 15, 2018 5:36 PM (UTC)

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Your favorite TV host, Tom Green, is back!! Come on a journey where Tom finds the biggest and baddest things our country has to offer. Giant America premieres tonight on @travelchannel @ 9:30 pm EST! This is a trip you don’t want to miss👊🏽
User Image rcthahaz Posted: Jan 15, 2018 4:22 PM (UTC)

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#100more day 15 & artist 15 for 2018

A few weeks ago I stated I was going to start this year off advertising #different artists other then myself.
I'm going to be introducing/posting about different individuals who have been #interviewed by me for the upcoming hip hop documentary we are nearly finished !
This is the #Stuntman! Best #engineer and #soundman in #Vancouver by FAR! He has many awards and #plaques that could justify that but he doesn't like to brag lol so I'll do it for him! My sister is responsible for introducing me to this guy, as I used to tag along (with her, chadio, profe-c, and nigel) and that's where their #producer, "C-infamous",(some might know of these names, some may not) liked to do their studio sessions cuz like I said..he was the best engineer in the city! At this time I was about 14 years old and one of my earliest #memories with the Stuntman was when my sister and her friends had a whole weekend booked so on one day they gave me a chance to #record one of my first #solo #songs. I'd been in my dad's #studio many times #recording I figure it'd be quick and easy but I ended up using half of their booked day on this one little #song lol. So years passed and we continued to stay friends and I continued to always go to him when it was time to get a project #mastered and I still go to him to this day! I remember me and #Caspian being booked by the same producer on the same day sometimes a long time ago at one of Greg (stuntman's) #recording spots. He had some type of affiliation with #Tomgreen that I don't know the details on too lol. Stunt has done my earliest and latest projects when it comes to professional #mastering. He is also a #dj and I even have a song where we are both #rapping!
Thank you Stuntman and Suite Sound Labs from
User Image chadogram90 Posted: Aug 9, 2017 11:31 PM (UTC)

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User Image aarongoodwin Posted: Jan 13, 2018 4:32 AM (UTC)

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I can't wait for this new show on #travelchannel 🤓 #TomGreen #GiantAmerica this Monday. I grew up watching @tomgreen & he was a big inspiration to me learning how to film & edit when I started out. 1 of the funniest people out there at it again 🎥😎
Dance Academy' creada por Samantha Strauss y Joanna Werner.
En vísperas del estreno de la película que daría por finalizada la historia decidí volver a ver una serie que vi durante mi adolescencia.
La historia, mayormente contada por Tara, trata sobre la vida de los bailarines de la academia y sus idas y vueltas, vueltas e idas, para volverse parte de la Compañía Nacional de Ballet.
La wiki dice: "se centra en temas juveniles de la vida de los protagonistas dentro de una academia de ballet y como afrontan diversos problemas como la competitividad, madurez, amistad y problemas amorosos". También le agregaría los problemas alimenticios, la orientación sexual, las expectativas y lesiones, entre otras cosas que hicieron que en su momento fuese 'innovadora'. Si bien no me acordaba de TODA la historia si recordaba las sensaciones. El fastidio que me provocaba Tara, la tristeza y el llorar como una morsa durante la segunda y tercera temporada.
Es una buena serie, si tenés entre 13 y 16 años, si no sos quisquilloso o si sólo le prestas atención al baile.
Si bien la protagonista es fastidiosa no es motivo suficiente para abandonarla. Es una adolescente ñoña, crédula y egoista, y se comporta como tal. En general todos los adolescentes en la serie se portan como adolescentes ñoños y temperamentales (Hay excepciones). Lo bueno es que no buscan darse ese aire de adultos de 25 años como sucede en Riverdale, The Vampire Diaries y otras de The CW.
Eso esta bueno porque también significa que van creciendo y transformándose a medida que pasan los años. Destacable el caso de: Abigail Armstrong (mi personaje favorito). Mirenla si no son muy exigentes. Bailan bien, los lugares en los que filman son lindos, la música no es mala pero tampoco de otro mundo.
Lo mejor es que es australiana, asique para variar esta bueno dejar un poco a un lado tanto producto yanqui.

PD: La segunda temporada compensa las ñoñadas de la primera.
PD 2: Son dos temporadas de veintipocos capítulos y una tercera de trece.
Dance Academy

#DanceAcademy #XeniaGoodwin #AliciaBanit #DenaKaplan #JordanRodrigues #ThomasLacey #IssiDurant #IsabelDurant #KeiynanLondsdale #TimPocock #TomGreen
User Image susannahlouise1 Posted: Jan 12, 2018 4:11 PM (UTC)

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I like to put my bum on things... it’s fun for everyone! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 #TheBumBumSong #TomGreen

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