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User Image the_unqualifiedchef Posted: Dec 15, 2017 9:35 PM (UTC)

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BASIL, PINE NUT & PARMESAN ARANCINI...TOMATILLOS & CHARRED CORN SALSA...OREGANO #arancini #tomatillosalsa #canapés #functionlife #everydayimfunctioning #food
User Image mr_boglin Posted: Dec 15, 2017 7:48 PM (UTC)

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User Image litto_nomster Posted: Dec 14, 2017 3:06 AM (UTC)
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Authentic Lamb Barbacoa x Tomatillo Salsa Verde 🐑
📍Aqui es Texcoco (Chula Vista, CA)
User Image arushi89 Posted: Dec 13, 2017 9:20 PM (UTC)

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I’m finally back in my kitchen with some inspiration and energy, after weeks of chaos and moving. I felt so lost without a fully functioning kitchen! This meal was such a no-brainer, had to celebrate with some tacos! Got my hands on some green cauli, so i roasted it up and paired it with a tomatillo salsa that had some serious sass. This one is definitely going to be a repeat!
Link in bio .
#cauliflower #tacosbeforehusbands #mexicaninspired #tomatillosalsa #dairyfree #glutenfree #vegan #vegetarain #plantbased #flavorbomb #eaturveggies #vegetariantacos
User Image lafemmenola Posted: Dec 11, 2017 1:17 AM (UTC)

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#sundayfunday #projectcooking #carnitas and #tomatillosalsa I hope my husband looks at me the way that he looks at carnitas some day. 😍
User Image indianfoodrocks Posted: Dec 10, 2017 7:17 PM (UTC)
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Not glamorous.
Everyday cooking, like everyday life, is neither glamorous nor carefully propped. But it can be creative, healthy and nourishing.
I had this purple cabbage stir-fry I needed to finish off. I had cooked a whole head, given some to my neighbors, and expected the rest to be consumed during the week. But Medha didn’t take any as she had a fridge full of food, add to that a mix of holiday parties, lunch commitments, and skipped dinners, which ensured that I had a lot more leftover than planned.
I repurposed some in breakfast yesterday. Today, I made quesadillas: store-bought tortillas with a layer of cabbage, some very spicy roasted tomatillo salsa, and crumbled hot pepper jack cheese.
We had one each, and a third was packed and put away. It will be included in tomorrow’s lunchbox.
#indianfoodrocks #indianfood #leftovermatters #quesadillas #cabbage #purplecabbage #tomatillosalsa #hotpepperjackcheese #repurposedleftovers #brunch #everydaycooking #lifeoftheunglamorous #eeeeeats #eathealthy #eatnutritious #dontwastefood #refrigeratorisyourfriend #vegetarian
User Image curlygirlgrub Posted: Dec 10, 2017 3:49 AM (UTC)

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Dani’s Tomatillo salsa

4-5 Tomatillo tomatoes (evenly sized)
3 cloves Garlic
2 Tbs Lime juice
1 Jalapeño pepper (deseeded, or not depending on level of heat you want)
1 Serrano pepper
1 small White onion
1/2 tsp Salt
1/3 cup Cilantro (or more, I love cilantro)
3 cachucha/aji dulce peppers(optional) 🔥Roast tomato, peppers, garlic, onion (in oven, on grill or on a cast iron skillet) 🌪Blend all ingredients in a blender or food processor. If veggies are still hot be careful with lid, that the pressure doesn’t make it blow off. Serve immediately or Store in jar/sealed container in fridge for 1- 2 weeks. This is how I made it however feel free to add or subtract whatever you like, to make it our own 🤗#salsaverde #tomatillosalsa #peppers #veganrecipes
User Image aprilsfoods Posted: Dec 9, 2017 10:56 PM (UTC)

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Dinner from last night involved this cut of meat 🥩 Skirt steak with caramelized onions, garlic, and cherry tomatoes 🍅 Topped with tomatillo salsa and cilantro 🤤

The level of extra I had to be to take this picture was something else 😂 It was dark outside by the time I finished cooking, so we set up a play table in the living room. My mom and niece held the edges of the table cloth so the carpet won’t be seen 😂 My neice was holding my mom’s cell phone for light and I was holding another light while trying to snap a few pics 📷
#health #healthyeating #healthyfood #dinner #steak #skirtsteak #food #foodblogger #foodblog #cherrytomatoes #tomatoes #garlic #caramelizedonions #onions #tomatillo #tomatillosalsa

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