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After about two week, I have finished watching Dimension w. Love so much the opening and of coz Mira. .
Story pattern and pace was normal, the different was only the background setting of dimension w that make it different from other tsundere badass mc series. .
Mira was the best girl in it.
#dimensionw #miradimensionw #bestgirl #tobecontinued
I’ve spent four years of my life studying this culture and history, and when I chose a name for my daughter it was “Cyrene” one of the oldest and most important Greek cities names with many beautiful meanings 😍
And today I’m touching down to the land of heroes and stepping on my dreams❤️
#tobecontinued #athens #greece #dreams
Was going through pictures and i came across this one..First month baby and I was that confident id be stealing your last name..hahaha
Gone are the days when we were still counting months... Now, if someone would ask me how long have we been together, i could not honestly say the exact amount of days, months or years.. For me its like you have been a part of my life ever since..
Cheesy as it sound, but it has always been like that since day one.. Now reality bites, we didnt have that perfect relationship.. Even the way we met was unconventional.. Too complicated to even describe it.. Looking back i could not help but become too emotional of how great our God is for bringing as together in this lifetime.. Who would have expected that to even happen.. I myself could never have seen this coming, for one, you know my type.. *wink
But it did happen for a reason i didnt understood not until recently.... #tobecontinued
Quand une cliente devenue amie vient t’offrir une composition pour fêter les 5 ans d’&lucidée, et te remercie de tout ce que tu fais, et pour elle et pour les entrepreneurs de la région.... émue et extrêmement touchée je suis.

Merci au fleuriste qui aura composé ce bouquet spécialement pour moi sur la base de mon visuel anniversaire et de mon identité graphique : JADIS à Thônes 😍🌺 #elucidee #elucideebirthday #5ans #joie #mesclientsadores #graphisteannecy #visuelanniversaire #identitegraphiquedeclinee #jadisthones #fleurs #compositionflorale #rienquepourmoi #tobecontinued
Regalino di BENVENUTA dal panettiere 😍
Oggi con il minestrone ci stanno che una meraviglia! 😋
#mynew #lifestyle #staytuned #tobecontinued #alicepala #ilovemyself