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let's flash back two weeks ago shall we? 8/9 we was hangin beachside, coolin like we do, when @babyhales_ and i had the idea to go buy a skimboard 😈 so we goes n buys the skimboard, and we having a blast i'll tell ya 🏄‍♀️ until.... i fell. IDK what happened y'all... IDK. but i FELL ok? i fell REAL GOOD. 🤕 i call out to @seaalll "get. cody." she says "did ya hurt urself Leah" i says SEAL. GET @codynsd (our on deck EMT.) n of course we move as pack so the next thing i know, 123 ten ppl around me pick me up and moves me out of the water. then things got a bit weirdy for a sec.. i know i couldn't hear, there was an intense ringing, lots of talking, and everything was turning bright white. i remember seal pouring a constant stream of water into my face while @awesomebenson threw my hair up and @katieshmatie_ @forevergrateful93 tried to hold my leg in the position where i'm screaming the least 😅 alyssa gets the car, cody carries me to the car suffering hot sand burns 🔥 while katie is literally holding my leg together. they say ER 🚑 ? i says NO 🙅🏻 MUST SHOWER. 🚿 so we showers. haley seal n alyssa strip me down naked, de-sand me, and into the car w/ alyssa & @i_ambeyoncealways (the official TMoKY ER team) we goooo 🚑 ER says "it broke" i says "how broke?" they says "broke is broke ¯\_(ツ)_/¯" 🙄 n we leave w/o the x-rays. next day. pain x10 back to the ER we go. florida man nurse says "WoWiE it's broke. go to doc." 💉doc says "DANGOL IT BROKE. u need surgery" i says i KNO OK? i AiNT LEAViN !! so i ain't leave and we still had a sick ass time!! fuck a broken leg!! we ate crab legs almost every night, we went to the Dali museum and i still went to the beach 2 more times damn it. o ya and we finished this 1000 pc puzzle so that was cool n anyways that's most of the story and for some reason these pain pills keep me awake so here i am! 👀 ok cya love ya #tmoky #fam #FloRiDA ps: everyone in this pic helped in some way that week. i love ya all, & i'll never forget this lil slice of the bummer summer we shared 🤗🤙🌴
#Cloudsplitter, #RRG. #inthere

@seeking_eden fully immersed in our #wildernesstherapy session. The walls of this little slot are legitimately alive, so wild to think about. Always growing, always taking In the surroundings. #grow
Good Morning 🌜🌞🌛

Early morning, sunrise views @ #RRG. @seeking_eden always trying to wake me up earlier & earlier every time I see him. This one was worth the 2 hour drive at 2am, fresh breakfast sandwiches and the all natural 6er of ky creek water. Live where you are. Thanks for showing me the ropes brother, until next time. #tmoky #sunrise
Passengers ➡️
#RRG, The Great Arch

A daily reminder to be present. Not to dwell on the places you'd rather be, and the things you hope to do, but to be aware of where you are fully & commit to being here and being present mentally and physically. I'm so guilty of this. I get caught up in things so easily. My life can get so insanely busy. It's hard not to be wrapped up in things i crave to do. There's a reason we are where we are, taking full advantage of it. 🌊🌊🌊"Why are you where you are?"
The next gen 🌊🌊

It's my little sisters 13th birthday today 🎉I'll never forget when you were born. All those nights we watched the corpse bride, kill bill & Charlie and the chocolate factory bc they were your favorite movies as a little babe. You've always asked me the weirdest questions that were super fun to answer. I'm stoked on how you're growing up, here's to many more years and brother-sister time and much more gorge dwelling, cliff jumping candy fueled adventures. Much love to you on this big day! #13goingon30
Hello Euphoria •

We're out here trying to figure out which was is up & down. Can't be phased on other people's timelines. Buggin out on the little stuff is a #slipperyslope and I get caught on that slope too often. Living one day, at one time, with everyone else, on my own time, always. #traveljournal
The Trehill wedding. Tre is in full effect #tmoky
The Bane boy turned 5. Getting a gray beard, still a big puppy though. #tmoky #barnthebrown
two years ago we were hangin at brad's mom's house celebrating bane's 3rd birthday. this was the first night the gals defined the gals. right there on the back porch. next to the grill and brad's nephew's toys. we tried to start a text but ya know w two green babes we had to go the facebook messenger route. i think within the first year we all went blue? idk. we added a gal somewhere in there too. we currently span across three states all the way to texas. all that really matters is that we did it. our own gal gang. the gal pals. it's been a dangol RIDE i'll tell ya ain't nOTHIN been the same since 😎😎😎 o ya happy 5th birthday baney boy we love ya #galpals #glassesgang #7seconds #gotdanggals #girlorgal #galsnpals #tmoky #thechart #thegut #hey #linkthenips
This past week ⬅️⬅️⬅️ #candidbeauty

Thankful for relationships built beyond the boarders of the places we call home. Grateful for the strength and consistency of friendships that allow us to travel and do the things we truly crave. A million and a half thanks to @dee.series & @sincerelyem for being amazing tour guides and facilitators. Much love to y'all and next time, I'll show y'all how to REALLY use BART lol. #wasntlostjustsightseeing