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#tiucheckin yup its cold out here today. But I got my cardio in and did the daily moves, have to modify some of the ab moves but I did it.
#TIU21 #TIUteam #toneitup #tiumomtobe @karenakatrina @toneitup
I'm a day late but better late than never. Finally feeling like myself again, no more morning sickness so I'm going to try to start at least walking and doing the toning moves. Somethings better than nothing.
#TIU21 #TIUteam #toneitup #tiumomtobe @karenakatrina @toneitup
It's a little more stretched out this year I would say, but my comfy cold weather Jammie's still fit pretty well && this girl is happy!
We had a super wild Saturday night last night over here!! 😂

P.s. If you sent a message about the Mom group, check your inbox!! I'm buying fun prizes tonight!! 🎉💕 HAPPY SUNDAY!

#fall #falljammies #october
39 weeks pregnant today - was going to wait til after the baby to get back on board with healthier eating, but my patience is getting thin! @lovesweatfitness guiltless PSL and a lazy girl's avocado (guacamole) toast with 🍳 #tiu #tiunewbie #tiumomtobe #tiuva #tiudmv
Post-2 mile walk smoothie - super greens mix, blueberries, dates, @vega_team protein, and @amazinggrass super greens. 🌿 #9monthspregnant #tiumomtobe #tiudmv #tiuva
Pilates completed! Had to modify some of the moves but I kept moving through the whole 30 mins! Excuses can be debilitating....but it’s all about mindset and if your goals and wants are stronger than those excuses. I’m ready to be Family Photo Ready! Wanna be ready too? The link is in my bio!
Partial snack! I ate the rest in the car before snapping this.... staying on track all day today with my nutrition and fitness!!
I was cracking up thinking about how great Maternity Jeans would be for the Holidays...Not only are they CUTE....but they GROW like sweatpants! 😂

#maternityclothes #maternitystyle #holidayfood
When you get that side view && are like "Ohhh Heyyyy Little Girl!!!" 😍

This baby has been stoked all weekend. Yesterday, she had a great day!! She got to meet one of my Beachbody besties & her bump, hang out with her grandma, great grandma & great auntie, watch her daddy win 1st place at his race via an awesome app, && was partying it up in my belly at my cousins insanely beautiful wedding! 👶🏼💃🏼👰🏼 #TheNewlywakes 💕
New blog! Arm Workouts For Women: I’ve been getting tons of questions around how I've maintained my #fitness level during pregnancy. Truth be told, it hasn't been easy. But I've also never forced a #workout
That being said, there's a few things I've been doing consistently to stay strong and motivated so that labor is a breeze (one can dream, right? 😉) and my recovery is easier. I also dive into why spot training (or focusing on one muscle group) doesn’t do your body any good. So yeah…doing a million bicep curls or #crunches is worthless! The full body workout is where it’s at 💪🏻
Link in my profile to read! @healthy_wifestyle
Lastly, I give you five of my favorite moves for #tonedarms. Mix this with some #cardio, #boxing, or #spinning, and you’re set! It’s all about getting to know your own body, love. I’m never going to have a small booty (my mom is Spanish and we’ve got booty in the fam) or super sculpted arms. It’s simply not in my body’s physiology. I do what I can to feel my best, and that’s all that matters to me. 🤰🏼
What about you? What are your favorite workouts? How do you keep your arms in shape? xox
You know it's almost fall when KIND bars come out with a caramel almond pumpkin spice flavor! #winwin #tiuapproved #tiumamatobe #tiumomtobe #tiuteam #tiu @toneitup #pumpkinspice @kindsnacks
Our sweet fur baby Mara turned 5 yesterday! 🎉🐾 What she's most looking forward to this year? Big sister duties come December ❤️ #furbabymom #strongasamother #secondtrimester #december2017baby #tiumn #tiupregnancy #24weekspregnant #puppiesandbabies
Allergies are no joke, especially when your pregnant. Feeling crummy, so I turned to one of my favorite #tiu workouts for my morning #bootycall. It's fitting - my body feels 👎🏻 but I'm gonna give it some love you #loveyourbodywithyoga . Oldie but goodie!!! #tiuteam #tiu #tiucommunity #tiumama #tiumom #tiumomtobe #tiumamatobe #yoga @karenadawn @katrinaascott @toneitup
Sometimes I need I give myself a reality check!
Anyone else?
If you want need to do it. Nobody is going to do it for you.
Life passes by every single day && it's a matter of choice on what you do with your 24 hours.

It's a matter of choice what you do with your life.

Stop waiting around on the sidelines && hoping something great will come along... Go full force...make big, scary, crazy dreams.
Chase them.
If you don't, someone else will && it will leave you wondering "what if..." Whatever it may be...don't be scared, just go for it girl!! 💫

#yougotthis #chasethosedreams
Wow! Thanks so much everyone! Crock Pot Dinner Club is now a REAL thing!

Menu for next week is:
Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas
Turkey Meatballs
Beef Chili
Maple Mustard Chicken & Potatoes
Sloppy Joes

I updated the link in my bio so when you click and go to Crock Pot Dinner Club it will take you right to the club page!
Cafe Latte superfoods mug cake with pumpkin spice yogurt = heaven! 😍 ...and it only took about 2.5 minutes to make! 👌🏼 #heaven #pumpkinspice #fallisaroundthecorner

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