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Nominated by @ed.w0rd for B&W challenge. If you’re tagged you’re up. // 📷:
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Every Friday, Tuffy fields a question that benefits from his worldly wisdom as #TheMostInterestingRhinoInTheWorld. This week’s question is: “What’s the best way to accomplish work-life balance?” Tuffy’s answer: Work-life balance is a real challenge for many people, and there are a number of reasons why we struggle with it. One reason is that we’ve been fed the idea that we can “have it all” - loads of money, professional success and Instagram celebrity, while also raising three fully loved and well-adjusted children who get full rides to Harvard, being the perfect partner to our significant other, and volunteering 12 hours a week at the animal shelter. Not gonna happen.
Part of it is due to the fact that even though technology has been touted as the multiplier of productivity, research indicates otherwise, and we seem to be working more hours in order to accomplish the same amount. (Slack fatigue, anyone?) So what do we do? Well, one way we could start is by first adjusting our expectations for what we’d like from our lives. Simpler financial and material goals mean we don’t have to work as long to accomplish them. That time can then be spent on stuff that falls on the “life” side, like having friends over for a cookout, or practicing to get better at the guitar. Another idea is carving time out for specific activities, like spending time with the kids, and making sure that the time is sacred. Keeping your phone in your pocket while you’re hanging out with friends is another way we can keep ourselves more focused on people and relationships, which add to our “life” counter. There are lots more things we can do, of course, and no shortage of answers from experts on the web. When we boil it down, though, the key to work life balance is to choose and focus on the things that matter the most to us, and give up the things that don’t. It won’t be easy, and we may not be the Instagram stars we imagined ourselves being, but it’ll be worth it.

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